Scottish to distribute for Barron TV

Pact expected to double production

SYDNEY — Perth-based TV producer Barron Entertainment and Scottish Television Enterprises have clinched a five-year pact to jointly finance and distribute Barron’s TV programs through STV Intl.

“It doesn’t mean we won’t talk with other parties, but it is expected that most of our future TV projects will be with Scottish,” says Barron topper Paul Barron, who aims to double annual production to around 50 hours within two years.

Barron said the deal was “one of the most exciting developments in the history of this company (which) will facilitate co-productions and increase the profitability of future projects,” while STVI director Ian Jones believes the pact will “significantly increase the range and volume of Barron’s production activities.”

The first two projects under the new venture are two kidvids in production Down Under, “Fast Tracks” and “Driven Crazy.”

STE and STVI are divisions of Scottish Media Group, a publicly listed British company with a market capitalization of $870 million, which is one of the major ITV franchises.