Levin denies Court TV tiff

Sez he and Turner are 'totally together'

ATLANTA — Time Warner Inc. chairman and chief executive officer Gerald Levin said Thursday there was no squabble between him and vice chairman Ted Turner over plans for the Court TV cable channel.

“Ted and I are totally together,” Levin told reporters after the company’s annual meeting here.

Asked whether Time Warner had any interest in buying out its partners in the cable network, and folding it into its Cable News Network operation, Levin gave an emphatic “no.”

Turner is believed to be opposing plans for the entertainment giant to sell its stake in Court TV to Discovery Communications Inc., while Levin is known to be in favor of such a deal. There have been reports that Turner has vetoed the sale, but sources say no decision has been made.

Turner, who attended the annual meeting, waved off questions and said he had no comment.

Court TV is one-third owned by General Electric Co.’s NBC unit and Liberty Media Corp. and Time Warner.

“We are working on it right now,” Levin said. “The partners are working on resolving the issues in the best interest of the companies.”

Court TV’s owners have been working for some time to try to come up with some plan on the future of the network.

Discovery is owned by Liberty, Cox Communications Inc., Advance/Newhouse Communications and John Hendricks, the network’s founder and chief executive.