Iwerks appeals Imax case

Imax request for summary judgment granted April 8

HOLLYWOOD — The legal scuffling in the large format pic industry is continuing. Iwerks Entertainment has filed an appeal to the ruling of a U.S. District Court judge in its lawsuit against Imax Corp.

Iwerks, the Burbank-based maker of ride-simulation films and the accompanying hardware, had previously filed a lawsuit against Imax in 1996 charging Imax with antitrust violations.

Iwerks’ claims were recently dismissed when a request for summary judgment by Imax was granted on April 8.

“We fully believe in the merits of our case against Imax and that the business issues in the marketplace which prompted the lawsuit against Imax continue to exist,” said Iwerks prexy and CEO Charles Goldwater.

Imax was unavailable for comment on the appeal.