HMG, A2000 settle dispute

Court orders payment to Dutch cabler

AMSTERDAM — Holland Media Group has reached a settlement with Amsterdam cable company A2000 over a heated payment dispute.

A2000 last week threatened to drop HMG channels from the cable if the payment of 3 million guilders (US $1.5 million) wasn’t made immediately. A court intervened and ordered HMG to pay $750,000 at once and the rest of the sum to be arbitrated.

HMG had charged that A2000 was abusing its monopoly position in heavily populated Amsterdam and Hilversum.

If A2000 is successful in forcing HMG to pay up the whole amount, all other cable companies in Holland are expected to follow suit.

Separately, HMG moved Monday to increase its ability to repackage the content of its three channels by inking a memorandum of understanding to work together with World Access/Planet Internet.

The deal would have HMG, Veronica, sales house IP, World Access Planet Internet, and Videotex Nederland working to-gether as of Sept. 1 to mine HMG’s thousands of hours of programming content on the Internet.