Back for more: Brill to reprint premiere issue

Starr article fuels demand for more Content

NEW YORK — In a move only dreamed about by other magazines that have launched in recent years, Steve Brill is headed back to the printing presses — for another 75,000 copies of the premiere issue of Brill’s Content.

The move is chalked up to “unexpected demand” for the magazine, primarily the Brill-penned cover story about leaks from the office of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.

Starr’s 19-page public refutation of Brill’s article, saying the piece “borders on the libelous,” will be published in the additional copies. Brill’s reply will not be included, as the editor said, “because we want Judge Starr’s letter to have the opportunity to speak for itself.

“Besides, some people think the 24,000-word article is long enough as it is,” Brill added.

The magazine plans to publish Starr’s letter in its next issue as well, in an effort to reach all subscribers. At that time, Brill’s reply will also be printed.