George Back is stepping down as president of distribution for Pearson All American at the end of the month.

Back’s exit signals the end of the corporate transition period for All American, which was acquired for $515 million last November by British media conglom Pearson.

Back, a veteran syndie sales exec, was a co-founder of All American TV in 1982.

Back could not be reached for comment late Tuesday, but a statement from Pearson regarding his departure indicated that the well-regarded exec has already set his future plans in motion. Back’s employment contract with Pearson All American expires this month.

“We very much appreciate the significant contributions that George has made both to All American over many years and to Pearson during the transition process,” said a Pearson company spokeswoman. “The new opportunities for George came about several months ago, and we are very grateful that he agreed to postpone his decision to leave until the transition was complete.”

Back steered All American’s growth in the firstrun barter syndication biz in the 1980s with gameshows and reality fare like “Crime Stoppers” and “America’s Top 10.”

All American merged with Scotti Brothers Entertainment in late 1990. Soon after, All American joined forces with LBS Communications (later acquired by All American) to distribute the global syndie sensation “Baywatch.”