Argentine MSO’s pact

Muticanal, Supercanal to create Sinergy

BUENOS AIRES — Two years of mergers and acquisitions among Argentine cable operators have left just three MSOs remaining, and now two of them seem ready to unite.

Clarin’s Multicanal, the country’s top cable operator, and the Vila Group’s Supercanal have created a joint venture to produce programming and reduce operating costs, ahead of a full merger.

Multicanal, which has 1.4 million Argentine subs, already has a 20% stake in Supercanal, which now reaches 550,000 homes. Together, the two claim 35% of Argentine subscribers.

Sinergy, the new company, will develop and coordinate common activities in the cable market while the two operators will have a chance to evaluate each other.

Supercanal prez Daniel Vila has 180 days to study Multicanal’s merger offer.