Actors’ Equity Assn. adds to council

17 elected to national governing body

Actors’ Equity Assn. has elected 17 members to serve on its national governing council. Voting took place in a mail referendum that brought in 6,271 ballots. Ten members were voted in to represent the eastern region, two from central and five from the west.

Principal players from the west who were elected to five-year terms were principals Pamela Dougherty, Robin Gammell and S. Marc Jordan, and stage managers James T. McDermott and Lisa J. Snodgrass.

From the east, Linda Cameron, Jeanne Lehman, Austin Colyer, Valerie Toth-Grant, Scott McGowan and David Wasson were were elected to five-year terms. Margot Moreland, also a principal, was elected to a four-year term.

Eastern chorus members elected to five-year terms were Lucille DeCristofaro, Kristine Nevins and Diana Brownstone.

Thomas Joyce, a central region principal, was elected to a five-year term, while central chorus member Dev Kennedy will serve for two years.

All but Cameron, Wasson, Moreland and Snodgrass were incumbents.