‘Zorro’ buys $1.3 mil Super Bowl ad

GOOD MORNING: One million, three hundred thousand-$ for a Super Bowl spot — that’s how highly TriStar thinks of “The Mask of Zorro.” Further, the studio’s so high on the Amblin pic costarring Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas, they are now thinking of delaying the opening from spring to summer — even though it’ll mean $3 million in interest costs. Hopkins’ “daughter” in “Zorro,” the gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones (spotted for the role by Steven Spielberg on TV’s “Titanic”) was on hand Monday night at the Village for the preem of the Hopkins-Alec Baldwin costarrer, “The Edge.” Later at the Buffalo Club party with her b.f. George Parra and “Zorro” producer David Foster and his wife Jackie. Hopkins didn’t attend: he’s in N.Y. filming “Meet Joe Black” (having also completed Amblin’s “Amistad”). But his mom, Muriel (84) was at the “Edge” preem to applaud the pic with the rest of the audience on the edge of its seats. Producer Art Linson admitted, “There’s no one like Anthony Hopkins in a movie!” … The only off-putting note in the pic is when Baldwin tells billionaire Hopkins, “What puts people like you off is Jews and taxes!” … The Wiesenthal Center’s Film, “The Long Way Home” won the Chicago Film Fest’s Gold Hugo Award. It is directed by Mark Jonathan Harris and produced by Richard Trank and Rabbi Marvin Hier. Monday, Hier received word from the Swiss Banking Assn. president Cristopf Meier in reply to the Center’s info letter sent Aug. 28. The Swiss banks have now “placed on hold” 94 suspicious German/Austrian accounts in Swiss banks. They were among 1,800 dormant accounts of suspects — including Nazi mass murderers. The rightful owners will now be sought while a tribunal pursues the suspects who made (stole) the deposits.

BRETT BUTLER’S BACK WORKING on “Grace Under Fire” following treatment of painkiller drugs used after her back accident … Milton Berle delivered the eulogy at Tuesday’s Forest Lawn services for Red Skelton. They met in 1933 at the World’s Fair in Chicago. Said Miltie, “I’ll always remember how he made me laugh that first night and ever since — how our careers paralleled each other through vodvil, motion pictures, radio and TV. To paraphrase his famous closing remark, goodbye dear friend, and God bless.” Among those on hand: Esther Williams, Steve Allen, George Putnam, the Bob Hopes, Rip Taylor, Virginia O’Brien and Lorna Berle … Elvis Presley — as an angel — is played by Frank Stallone in “Everything’s George” and Rodney Dangerfield is God in the pic, in which George Burns is voiced by Frank Gorshin … And the voices of Randy Travis, Jerry Van Dyke and Cloris Leachman are among those in Ralph Edwards’ first animated feature, “Annabelle’s Wish.” Edwards’ film banner is headed by his son Gary and Barbara Dunn-Leonard.. It airs Nov. 30 on Fox … 20th Fox senior VP of casting Randy Stone, who began his Hollywood career as a child actor, returns to his roots on this week’s “Millennium,” playing a saintly hermit … Steve and Eydie serenaded newlyweds Bruce Charet (VP of Media Arts Entertainment) and attorney Joie Gallo Sept. 20 at the Les Moonves’ home. Alan King toastmastered and recalled Charet started with him as a gofer. Among those also there: Joe Pesci, who has a movie deal, “The Wise Guy Christmas” with Charet and Island Pictures. Steven Seagal, who was there, has a TV series development with Charet at Media Arts. Also there, Ted Harbert and Bud Grant … APA toasted Hal Gefsky on his 80th birthday at the Palm. He was at the agency 33 years … Ray Charles celebrated his 67th birthday Tuesday … Variety chief film critic Todd McCarthy and wife Sasha Alpert welcomed son Nicholas Augustus Sept. 14 at Cedars-Sinai … “Law & Order” Emmy winner Dick Wolf will be honored with the Anti-Defamation League’s Distinguished Entertainment Industry Award Oct. 21 at the Century Plaza. Maury Povich m.c’s.

“LULLABYE OF B’WAY” IS COMING to the Tiffany Dec. 1. The drama with music (Joel Kimmel penned the story, a bio of Al Dubin), is produced by Corky Hale and directed by David Galligan. The show had its auspicious “out-of-town” presentation at Culver City’s Jazz Bakery and hopes to be lullaby’ing its way to B’way … The sets (reportedly spectacular) were loaded in and “The Scarlet Pimpernel” moved into its permanent home at the Minskoff, Monday, readying for the start of previews Oct. 7, opening Nov. 9, followed by the first big bash in the Hammerstein Opera Hall … Roger Williams performs Thursday in Indianapolis for a Hand Institute gala fund-raiser. Five years ago, Roger was told he was about “three months away from never playing piano again” due to a disintegrating joint in his left thumb. The Institute’s Dr. Jim Strickland performed successful surgery and, as a thank you, Williams will present to him a bronze replica of his hands, done by Emmy-winning artist Tom Burman … Lionel Richie’s daughter Nikki celebrated her sweet 16th birthday party at Drai’s.