Ever wonder how Leo the MGM lion unwinds after a hard day at the studio?

MGM Animation and Claster Television plan to lift the veil on Leo’s home life in an upcoming syndie cartoon series, “The Lionhearts.” The series is the brainchild of John Symes, president of MGM Worldwide TV Group.

“Leo’s kind of caught in a time warp,” Symes said. “He’s got a modern-day wife and modern-day kids, but he’s the kind of guy who still roars.”

For cinephiles, the show promises to be full of inside jokes. For starters, Mrs. Lionheart’s name is Lana (nee Turner), and their den is populated by 10-year-old twins, Spencer and Kate, and a 2-year-old daughter, Judy.

There’s no word yet if villains on the weekly series will include an Italian financier or a plain-spoken cable TV mogul from Atlanta.