Recently launched Latino animation web Locomotion rolled out its new fall primetime schedule Monday.

Starting Nov. 1 and serving an estimated 1.5 million cable subscribers in Latin America, the Cisneros Group/Hearst Corp.-backed net’s primetime hours will include “Retromotion,” a showcase of classic toons such as “Popeye,” “Betty Boop,” and “Felix the Cat,” as well as “Locotomy,” which features a collection of award-winning animation shorts.

Locomotion’s first-year contract with satcaster DirecTV expires in November.

In addition, Locomotion’s primetime lineup will include toons new to Latin America such as “Home to Rent,” Japanese series “Cliffhanger” and Comedy Central pickup “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist.”

” ‘Retromotion’ and ‘Locotomy’ are two signature shows that give us a clear identity,” said Gustavo Basalo, Locomotion’s general manager, in a statement. “And with our new program acquisitions, we are introducing new concepts in Latin America that are proven hits in the United States.”