‘Xena’ powers to record rating

Universal Domestic TV’s weekly action hour “Xena: Warrior Princess” is expected to reach an all-time high of 7.7 in Nielsen’s national ratings released today, which also ties as the highest-rated episode of a weekly hour this season.

The only other action hour to hit a 7.7 this season was Paramount Domestic TV’s special “Trouble With Tribbles” episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” which aired during the November sweep.

“Xena’s” GAA rating, which counts duplicative viewing, will be even more impressive when ratings for the week ending Feb. 16 are released by Nielsen today, according to Universal sources. The GAA rating will be an 8.7, the highest GAA for an action hour since the 9.2 season premiere of “Star Trek: DSN” in 1995.

“Xena’s” 7.7 AA average is up 36% from its 5.5 rating one year ago. While “Xena” is a spin-off of Universal’s “Hercules,” the show has frequently surpassed its predecessor of late. The latest week is no exception, and “Hercules” is also expected tomorrow to receive numbers that give it a season high of 6.9, up 17% from its year-ago rating.

“Xena’s” AA rating in women 18-49 will be a 5.5, and 4.9 in men 18-49. It will hit a 6.9 among teens and a 6.4 among kids.