MONTREAL — Film regulators in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia have rescinded the ban on the vid “Bastard Out of Carolina,” which had been outlawed in the Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

The Nova Scotia Gaming Control Commission overturned an earlier decision by the Maritime Film Classification Board and ruled that Anjelica Huston’s directorial debut, a hard-hitting story about sexual abuse, may be released on video in the three provinces.

The provincial ministry has slapped a “restricted” rating on the vid and all advertising will have to indicate that the pic includes “extreme violence and controversial subject matter.”

Montreal-based distrib Cinepix Film Properties, which has TV and video rights to “Bastard Out of Carolina” in Canada, had appealed the ban, arguing that the film classification board was restricting the public in the three provinces from seeing a serious film about an important social issue.

Cinepix Film Properties is launching the “Bastard” video across Canada on April 29, the same day BMG Video plans to release it in the U.S. No other provinces have banned the title.

A spokesman for the Maritime Classification Board had said last week that the board’s main problem with the film was an explicit rape scene involving a young girl near the end of the pic.