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The Official James Bond Home Page at MGM/UA

The best place to start a search for Bond is the official MGM/UA Bond site. Get an early look at The Ultimate James Bond: An Interactive Dossier, a CD-ROM visual history of all the James Bond films. Take the guided tour and explore 007’s villains, women, weapons and more. You can also check out the “Martini Lounge” and have a chat with other Bond fans.

007 News: Your Source for James Bond News

This is the place for up-to-the-minute news about Bond and his doings. Also featured are photos and info about Bond women, cars, a calendar of Bond activities and TV listings, interviews new and old with Bond stars….well, you get the idea.

Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! The Web Magazine of the Ian Fleming Foundation

This is the official web magazine of the Ian Fleming Foundation, the organization dedicated to studying and preserving the works of 007’s creator and the global phenomenon that is James Bond. A real Bond fan could easily waste an entire week sorting through this site.

Her Majesty’s Secret Servant – The Essential James Bond

Another webzine devoted to 007 makes its debut this month. The folks who put up this site are the real die-hard fans of the secret agent. Interviews with Terence Young; Raymond Benson (author of “Zero Minus Ten,” the first new Bond novel in years); an article by Doug Redenius, one of the worlds foremost collectors of Bond vehicles, and a lengthy feature on Bond’s choice of firearms are just some of the site’s many offerings.

The Commanders Club

According to the group of Bond enthusiasts who put up this site, the Commanders Club is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the lifestyle of a Scottish peasant named Bond. Founded in 1987 in San Francisco, the club’s approach to 007 is at once both deadly serious and tongue-in-cheek.

The World O’ James Bond, 007

This multimedia-rich site features pictures, video clips and sounds, including the theme song from every Bond film.


Another site put up by a devoted Bond fan, it features Bond history, mutimedia clips, trivia games and news and rumors about “Tomorrow Never Dies,” the 18th Bond adventure.

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