Standup comedian Lotus Weinstock, who wrote a popular book of anecdotes titled “The Lotus Position,” has died. She was 54.

Weinstock died Aug. 31 of a brain tumor at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Hollywood.

She once described her humor as a mix between her California cosmic right brain and her “Philadelphia Jewish” left brain. “The Lotus in me wants to be totally free. Weinstock will settle for a discount,” she said.

Her humor never ridiculed others, although she poked fun at health food, marijuana, cancer cures, extrasensory perception and motherhood. Her 1982 book sold 63,000 copies.

After the birth of her daughter, Lili Haydn, in 1969, much of Weinstock’s routine centered around the joys and trials of motherhood. As a teenager, Haydn would occasionally accompany Weinstock on stage, where mother and daughter performed both comedy and music, with Weinstock on piano and Haydn on violin.

In 1983, Bantam Books published Weinstock’s “The Lotus Position,” which contained many of her comedic anecdotes and insights. Several of her quips were published as greeting cards and bumper stickers.

In recent years, Weinstock had guest roles on the TV series “St. Elsewhere” and “L.A. Law.” She also appeared on “Politically Incorrect.”

In addition to her daughter, Weinstock is survived by two brothers.

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations to the Sheenway School, which is establishing the Lotus Scholarship.