Cosby’s son killed

Columbia grad student shot on Mulholland

Ennis William Cosby, the only son of entertainer Bill Cosby, was fatally shot early Thursday as he stopped to change a flat tire on the car he was driving.

Investigators said the 28-year-old Columbia U. graduate student was the victim of a robbery, but it was still being determined if anything was taken.

A witness told police she observed part of the attack and gave a description of a white male leaving the area where the car, registered to the elder Cosby, was found.

The car was parked near the Skirball Museum on Mulholland Drive and had its trunk and doors open.

Police called Cosby soon after the 1:45 am incident. He was in New York, where his “Cosby” CBS TV series is filmed.

“We have every confidence in the LAPD,” Cosby said in a statement. “Our hearts go out to each and every family that such an incident occurs to. This is a life experience that’s truly difficult to share.”

Cosby appealed to the LAPD to “do anything possible to find and locate and prosecute the suspect,” said Cmdr. Tim McBride, who informed Cosby of his son’s death.

Cosby, who also has four daughters, told reporters camped outside his apartment on Manhattan’s upper East Side of his son, “He was my hero.”

News crews and spectators also swarmed outside the Cosbys’ Pacific Palisades home, hoping to catch the couple returning from New York.

Ennis Cosby was studying for his second master’s degree in education at Columbia in New York.

The attack took place near the Mulholland Drive exit off the San Diego Freeway. Cosby was heading to a friend’s house in the Valley at the time, according to investigators.