LONDON — Just six months after trumpeting a long-term foreign sales pact in Cannes, Village Roadshow and Guy East/Nigel Sinclair’s Intermedia have parted ways “amicably,” the companies confirmed Tuesday at the London Screenings.

No official reason was given for the split, with both companies saying they will continue to do business on their current crop of pics as well as the Roadshow/Intermedia deal for the Australian territory. And it wasn’t made clear who initiated the divorce, which was expected to be announced at Roadshow’s luncheon at the London Screenings today.

But sources said Intermedia had expressed frustration with the product that Village Roadshow had contributed to the sales effort. Of 12-plus pics for sale through the nascent Village Intermedia Pictures, only three came from Roadshow, including Rob Stich’s “The Castle,” Carl Schenkel’s “Tarzan: Jungle Warrior” and “Over the Moon.”

VIP co-chairman Greg Coote, who hails from the Roadshow side, added that Intermedia wanted more from Roadshow than it was willing to produce. “We’re happy doing three to five pictures a year,” said Coote. “They say they wanted more . They’re of a mind to bulk up and that’s not what we wanted to do.”

Difficult operation

East, who is also co-chair for VIP, said the companies separated because it was too difficult “operationally” to make the venture work, especially with Roadshow in Australia and L.A. and Intermedia in London and L.A. “We just wanted to each sell our own pictures,” East said. “As we worked together these six months, we realized it’s probably a better way of doing it.”

East said the companies will still share a back office to handle the slate of more than a dozen pics for sale in London and at Mifed. These also include Woody Allen’s “Deconstructing Harry,” David Mamet’s “The Spanish Prisoner,” the Allen documentary by Barbara Kopple “Wild Man Blues,” the French period piece “The Barber of Siberia,” William Nicholson’s “Firelight,” “Elements,” “Land Girls,” the Sydney Pollack-produced “Sliding Doors,” the Dustin Hoffman-produced “The House of Mirth” and “The Blouse Man,” and the Ridley Scott-produced “Clay Pigeons.

Roadshow will also distrib all Intermedia pics in Australia and the pair is looking at exploring several Australia/UK co-productions.

“There is no drama about it,” East said. “It was on a perfectly friendly basis.”

Coote estimated it would take several months for the joint sales team to ultimately broker the entire slate.

Intermedia is a 1-1/2 year old production/financing/distrib company based in Beverly Hills and London. Co-chairman East ran the London side of the hybrid Village Intermedia Pictures. Co-chair Coote, formerly with Village Roadshow, ran the L.A. division. Sinclair, a former powerhouse attorney, was the former co-chair of Intermedia with East. Tim Haslam was prexy of VIP.

Village Roadshow’s group includes theater chains in Australia, Asia and Europe.

The deal had originally been struck between Roadshow, which was hungry for someone to hawk their product, and Intermedia, which was beginning to set up co-production ventures with such companies as Sydney Pollack’s Mirage Enterprises and Ridley and Tony Scott’s Scott Free.