Parents whose children were filmed nude for a scene in the upcoming movie “Apt Pupil” called for a nationwide boycott of the film Tuesday after prosecutors declined to file charges against the producers.

The parents, who also have sued the filmmakers over the shower scene shot April 2, said their children were ordered to remove their clothes or be fired from the movie. The parents said their children were filmed naked against their will.

Prosecutors decided not to file charges against the producer, director, the production company and distributor because there was insufficient evidence, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office said in a statement released Tuesday.

“‘The evidence indicates that the suspects were intent on completing a professional film as quickly and efficiently as possible, and while it appears that this may have been done in a brusque and perhaps intimidating manner, there is no indication of lewd or abnormal sexual intent,” the statement said.

“Apt Pupil,” based on a Stephen King novella, is being produced by Phoenix Pictures.

Several lawsuits have been filed against movie producers and seek to block the film’s release and unspecified damages.

“We continue to deny these outrageous allegations. This press conference is a continuation of media coverage generated by lawyers who have a vested interest in achieving a settlement from us,”‘ said Arnold Messer, president of Phoenix Pictures.

“Apt Pupil,” scheduled to be released next year, stars Ian McKellen as a former Nazi commander who tells a suburban high school student about atrocities in a concentration camp.