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AMSTERDAM — Timo Lahtinen, chief buyer for Danish entertainment and film giant Nordisk Film, has announced he will step down from the company as of early next year.

Lahtinen was one of the few of the old guard of top Nordisk management who remained on board following a takeover of Nordisk by the Danish media conglom the Egmont Group in 1993.

Clashes between the old Nordisk management and Egmont in 1995 resulted in several firings of top management and a number of resignations of longtime Nordisk execs.

The Finnish-born Lahtinen is currently serving as managing director of Nordisk Film Acquisition, Nordisk TV Rights, and co-managing director of the Scandinavian Media Alliance. He told Daily Variety he will finish out his contract with Nordisk, which ends in February 1998. He added his departure was in no way linked to the earlier shakeups.

Nordisk’s acquisitions arm was restructured in April so that Lahtinen and all of his departments fell under another layer of management, a so-called sourcing group.

“The years with Nordisk have been great but with all of the new changes, it feels like a good point in time to move on,” Lahtinen said. He added he would remain in the entertainment business, but beyond that, he did not have immediate future plans. He has been at Nordisk for eight years.

Several former Nordisk execs who left the group in the ’95 shakeup have resurfaced as some of the film and entertainment giant’s biggest competition.

Erik Stephensen, former managing director of Nordisk Film Broadcast, now heads up the Scandinavisk Film Co., along with his brother, Ole, one of Denmark’s most popular talkshow hosts, and Jergen Koldbaek, formerly a director of Nordisk Film Broadcast.

Peter Hereforth, formerly the head of TV productions at Nordisk Film, now is head of competitor Metronome Prods.