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Rental champs: Rate of return

'Star Wars' new champ as re-release takes 'E.T.s' reigns

Fox’s reissue of the “Star Wars” trilogy has taken the eponymous first pic in the series to the top slot on Daily Variety’s all-time rental champs. With more than $270 million for its distrib, The Force overcame “E.T.’s” 14-year reign. Based on studio and industry estimates, the champs list represents one of the best yardsticks of a film’s profitibility, since rentals are specifically the portion of a film’s total B.O. gross that is returned to the studio (and, by extension, profit participants). Following the film’s title is the picture’s director, producer and distributor. The asterisk denotes new entries from the last time this chart was published. Rentals for films currently in release will be updated in the next publication of the list.

Star Wars (G. Lucas; G. Kurtz; Fox; 1977) $270,918,000

E.T. — The Extra-Terrestrial (S. Spielberg; S. Spielberg/K. Kennedy; U; 1982) $228,168,939

Jurassic Park (S. Spielberg; K. Kennedy/G. Molen; U; 1993) $212,953,417

Return of the Jedi (R. Marquand; H. Kazanjian/G. Lucas; Fox; 1983) $191,648,000

Independence Day (R. Emmerich; D. Devlin; Fox; 1996) $177,190,000

The Empire Strikes Back (I. Kershner; G. Lucas/G. Kurtz; Fox; 1980) $173,814,000

The Lion King (Anim; R. Allers/R. Minkoff; D. Hahn; BV; 1994) $173,057,366

Forrest Gump (R. Zemeckis; W. Finerman/S. Tisch/S. Starkey; Par; 1994) $156,000,000

Batman (T. Burton; J. Peters/P. Guber; WB; 1989) $150,500,000

Home Alone (C. Columbus; J. Hughes; Fox; 1990) $140,099,000

Twister (J. de Bont; K. Kennedy/I. Bryce/M. Crichton; WB; 1996) $133,464,330

Ghostbusters (I. Reitman; Col; 1984) $132,720,000

*The Lost World (S. Spielberg; G. Molen/C. Wilson; U; 1997) $130,086,760

Jaws (S. Spielberg; R. Zanuck/D. Brown; U; 1975) $129,549,325

Raiders of the Lost Ark (S. Spielberg; F. Marshall/H. Kazanjian/G. Lucas; Par; 1981) $115,598,000

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (S. Spielberg; R. Watts/G. Lucas/F. Marshall; Par; 1989) $115,500,000

*Men in Black (B. Sonnenfeld; W. Parkes/L. MacDonald; Sony; 1977) $114,110,497

Terminator 2 (J. Cameron; J. Cameron/G.A. Hurd/M. Kassar; TriStar, 1991) $112,500,000

Aladdin (Anim; J. Musker/R. Clements; BV; 1992) $111,740,683

Mrs. Doubtfire (C. Columbus; M. Williams/R. Williams/M. Radcliffe; Fox; 1993) $111,000,000

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (S. Spielberg; R. Watts/G. Lucas/F. Marshall; Par; 1984) $109,000,000

Beverly Hills Cop (M. Brest; D. Simpson/J. Bruckheimer; Par; 1984) $108,000,000

Back to the Future (R. Zemeckis; B. Gale/N. Canton/S. Spielberg/F. Marshall/K. Kennedy; U; 1985) $105,496,267

Batman Forever (J. Schumacher; T. Burton/P. MacGregor-Scott; WB; 1995) $105,100,000

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (C. Columbus; J. Hughes; Fox; 1991) $103,377,614

Toy Story (J. Lasseter; R. Guggenheim/B. Arnold; BV; 1995) $103,200,000

Batman Returns (T. Burton; D. DiNovi/T. Burton; WB; 1992) $100,100,000

Ghost (J. Zucker; L. Weinstein; Par; 1990) $98,200,000

The Fugitive (A. Davis; A. Kopelson; WB; 1993) $97,000,000

Grease (R. Kleiser; R. Stigwood/A. Carr; Par; 1978) $96,300,000

*Liar Liar (T. Shadyac; B. Grazer; U; 1997) $95,931,900

Tootsie (S. Pollack; S. Pollack/D. Richards; Col; 1982) $94,910,000

*Mission: Impossible (B. DePalma; T. Cruise/P. Wagner; Par; 1996) $93,067,933

Apollo 13 (R. Howard; B. Grazer; U; 1995) $92,642,370

The Exorcist (W. Friedkin; W.P. Blatty; WB; 1973) $89,000,000

Rain Man (B. Levinson; M. Johnson/P. Guber/J. Peters; MGM/UA; 1989) $86,813,000

The Godfather (F. Coppola; A. Ruddy; Par; 1972) $86,691,000

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (K. Reynolds; J. Watson/P. Densham/R.B. Lewis; WB; 1991) $86,000,000

Superman (R. Donner; P. Spengler; WB; 1978) $82,800,000

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (S. Spielberg; J&M. Phillips; Col; 1977/1980) $82,750,000

Pretty Woman (G.K. Marshall; A. Milchan/S. Reuther; BV; 1990) $81,905,530

Dances With Wolves (K. Costner; J. Wilson/K. Costner; Orion; 1990) $81,537,971

Three Men and a Baby (L. Nimoy; T. Fields/R. Cort; BV; 1987) $81,356,000

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (R. Zemeckis; R. Watts/F. Marshall/S. Spielberg/K. Kennedy; BV 1988) $81,244,000

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Anim; D. Hand; W. Disney; RKO; BV; 1937) $80,886,993

Beverly Hills Cop II (T. Scott; D. Simpson/J. Bruckheimer; Par; 1987) $80,857,776

Lethal Weapon 3 (R. Donner; J. Silver/R. Donner; WB; 1992) $80,000,000

True Lies (J. Cameron; J. Cameron/S. Austin; Fox; 1994) $80,000,000

The Sound of Music (R. Wise; Fox; 1965) $79,975,000

Gremlins (J. Dante; M. Finnell/S. Spielberg/F. Marshall; K. Kennedy;WB; 1984) $79,500,000

Lethal Weapon 2 (R. Donner; R. Donner/J. Silver; WB; 1989) $79,500,000

Top Gun (T. Scott; D. Simpson/J. Bruckheimer; Par; 1986) $79,400,000

Gone With the Wind (V. Fleming; D. Selznick; MGM; 1939) $79,375,080

Rambo: First Blood Part II (G.P. Cosmatos; B. Feitshans/A. Vajna/M. Kassar; TriStar; 1985) $78,919,250

The Sting (G.R. Hill; T. Bill/J. & M. Phillips; U; 1973) $78,212,000

*Air Force One (W. Petersen; W. Petersen/G. Katz/A. Bernstein/J. Shestack; Sony; 1997) $77,734,801

The Firm (S. Pollack; S. Rudin/J. Davis; Par; 1993) $77,047,044

Rocky IV (S. Stallone; R. Chartoff/I. Winkler/UA; MGM/UA; 1985) $76,023,246

*Jerry Maguire (C. Crowe; J. Brooks/L.Mark/R. Sakai/C. Crowe; Sony; 1996) $74,937,042

The Santa Clause (J. Pasquin; B. Reilly/J. Silver/R. Newmyer; BV; 1994) $74,348,689

Saturday Night Fever (J. Badham; R. Stigwood; Par; 1977) $74,100,000

Back to the Future, Part II (R. Zemeckis; B. Gale/N. Canton/S. Spielberg/F. Marshall/K. Kennedy; U; 1989) $72,319,630

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (J. Johnston; R. Finkelman Cox/T.G. Smith; BV; 1989) $72,007,000

A Few Good Men (R. Reiner; D. Brown/R. Reiner/A. Scheinman; Col; 1992) $71,000,000

National Lampoon’s Animal House (J. Landis; M. Simmons/I. Reitman; U; 1978) $70,826,000

The Flintstones (B. Levant; B. Cohen; U; 1994) $70,753,383

The Rock (M. Bay; J. Bruckheimer/D. Simpson; BV; 1996) $70,600,000

Crocodile Dundee (P. Faiman; J. Cornell; Par; 1986) $70,227,000

Fatal Attraction (A. Lyne; S; Jaffee/S. Lansing; Par; 1987) $70,000,000

Platoon ( O. Stone; A. Kopelson; Orion; 1986) $69,937,092

Beauty and the Beast (Anim; G. Trousdale/D. Wise; D. Hahn; BV; 1991) $69,415,000

Look Who’s Talking (A. Heckerling; J. Krane; TriStar; 1989) $68,872,000

101 Dalmatians (Anim; W. Reitherman; H. Luske; W. Disney; BV; 1961) $68,648,000

Pocahontas (J. Pentecost; M. Gabriel/E. Goldberg; BV; 1995) $67,848,010

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (S. Barron; K. Dawson/S. Fields/D. Chan/R. Chow; New Line; 1990) $67,650,000

Die Hard 2 (R. Harlin; L. Gordon/J. Silver/C. Gordon; Fox; 1990) $67,512,000

Rocky III (S. Stallone; I. Winkler/R. Chartoff; MGM/UA; 1982) $66,262,796

Superman II (R. Lester; P. Spengler; WB; 1981) $65,100,000

*Ransom (R. Howard; S. Rudin/B. Grazer/B.K. Hagopian; BV; 1996) $65,070,443

Coming to America (J. Landis; G. Folsey, Jr./R. Wachs; Par; 1988) $65,000,000

Hook (S. Spielberg; K. Kennedy/F. Marshall/G. Molen; TriStar; 1991) $65,000,000

Sleepless in Seattle (N. Ephron; G. Foster; TriStar; 1993) $64,930,137

Dumb and Dumber (P. Farrelly; C. Wessler/B. Krevoy/S. Stabler; New Line; 1994) $63,600,000

Total Recall (P. Verhoeven; B. Feitshans/R. Shusett/M. Kassar/A. Vajna; TriStar; 1990) $63,511,048

Sister Act (E. Ardolino; T. Schwartz/S. Rudin; BV; 1992) $62,420,000

101 Dalmatians (S. Herak; J. Hughes/R. Mestres; BV; 1996) $61,585,660

On Golden Pond (M. Rydell; B. Gilbert/ITC/IPC;U/AFD; 1981) $61,175,028

Jungle Book (Anim; W. Reitherman; W. Disney; BV; 1967) $60,964,000

Doctor Zhivago (D. Lean; C. Ponti; MGM/UA; 1965) $60,954,000

City Slickers (R. Underwood; I. Smith/B. Crystal; Col; 1991) $60,750,000

Dick Tracy (W. Beatty; BV; 1990) $60,611,145

Ghostbusters II (I. Reitman; Col; 1981) $60,490,000

The Mask (C. Russell; B. Engelman; New Line; 1994) $60,000,000

Kramer vs. Kramer (R. Benton; S. Jaffe; Col; 1979) $59,986,335

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (M. Forman; S. Zaentz/M. Douglas; UA; 1975) $59,939,701

The Silence of the Lambs (J. Demme; E. Saxon/K. Utt/R. Bozman; Orion; 1991) $59,882,870

9 to 5 (C. Higgins; B. Gilbert; Foz; 1980) $59,068,000

Speed (J. De Bont; M. Gordon; Fox; 1994) $59,000,000

Smokey and the Bandit (H. Needham; M. Engelberg; U; 1977) $58,949,938

The Hunt for Red October (J. McTiernan; M. Neufeld; Par; 1990) $58,500,000

*Batman and Robin (J. Schumacher; P. Macgregor-Scott; WB; 1997) $58,492,667

The Karate Kid Part II (J. Avildsen; J. Weintraub; Col; 1986) $58,310,000

Good Morning Vietnam (B. Levinson; M. Johnson/L. Brezner; BV; 1987) $58,038,108

Twins (I. Reitman; U; 1988) $57,715,127

Crocodile Dundee II (j. Cornell; J. Cornell/J. Scott; Par; 1988) $57,300,000

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (L. Nimoy; H. Bennett; Par; 1986) $56,820,071

The Birdcage (M. Nichols; M. Nichols; MGM/UA; 1996) $57,187,100

The Nutty Professor (T. Shadyac; Grazer/R. Simmons; U; 1996) $56,713,400

Rocky (J. Avildsen; R. Chartoff/I. Winkler; UA; 1976) $56,524,972

The Bodyguard (M. Jackson; L. Kasdan/J. Wilson/K. Costner; WB; 1992) $56,260,000

The Addams Family (B. Sonnenfeld; S. Rudin; Par; 1991) $56,200,000

Star Trek (R. Wise; G. Roddenberry; Par; 1979) $56,000,000

Porky’s (B. Clark; D. Carmody/B. Clark/M. Simon/Astral Bellevue Pathe; Fox; 1982) $55,559,000

*My Best Friend’s Wedding (P.J. Hogan; J. Zucker/R. Bass; Sony; 1997) $55,353,677

An Officer and a Gentleman (T. Hackford; M. Elfand/Lorimar; Par; 1982) $55,223,000

American Graffiti (G. Lucas; F. Coppola; U; 1973) $55,128,175

Clear and Present Danger (P. Noyce; M. Neufeld/R. Rehme; Par; 1994) $54,100,000

Wayne’s World (P. Spheeris; L. Michaels; Par; 1992) $54,000,000

Big (P. Marshall; J.L. Brooks/R. Greenhut; Fox; 1988) $53,700,000

A League of Their Own (P. Marshall; R. Greenhut/E. Abbott; Col; 1992) $53,500,000

Basic Instinct (P. Verhoeven; A. Marshall/M. Kassar; TriStar; 1992) $53,000,000

Jumanji (J. Johnston; S. Kroopf/W. Teitler; Sony; 1995) $52,200,000

Every Which Way but Loose (J. Fargo; R. Daley; WB; 1978) $51,900,000

*Face/Off (J. Woo; D. Permut/B. Osborne/T. Chang/C. Godsick; Par; 1997) $51,520,300

Phenomenon (J. Turteltaub; B. Boyle/M. Taylor; BV; 1996) $51,100,000

Indecent Proposal (A. Lyne; S. Lansing; Par; 1993) $50,846,697

Driving Miss Daisy (B. Beresford; R. Zanuck/L. F. Zanuck; WB; 1989) $50,500,000

Jaws 2 (J. Szwarc; R. Zanuck/D. Brown; U; 1978) $50,431,964

Terms of Endearment (J. Brooks; M. Jurow/J. Brooks; Par; 1983) $50,250,000

Parenthood (R. Howard; B. Grazer; U; 1989) $50,004,367

The Color Purple (S. Spielberg; S. Spielberg/K. Kennedy/F. Marshall/Q. Jones/Guber-Peters; WB; 1985) $49,800,000

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (J. Sharman; M. White/L. Adler; Fox; 1975) $49,782,690

*Michael (N. Ephron; S. Daniel/N. Ephron/J. Jacks; New Line; 1996) $49,542,300

A Time to Kill (J. Schumacher; A. Milchan/M. Nathanson/H. Lowry/J. Grisham; WB; 1996) $49,502,617

Maverick (R. Donner; B. Davey/R. Donner; WB; 1993) $49,500,000

Heaven Can Wait (W. Beatty/B. Henry; W. Beatty; Par; 1978) $49,400,000

The Pelican Brief (A. Pakula; A. Pakula/P. Jan Brugge; WB; 1993) $49,300,000

Casper (B. Silberling; C. Wilson; U; 1995) $49,160,810

Back to the Future, Part III (R. Zemeckis; B. Gale/N. Canton/S. Spielberg/F. Marshall/K. Kennedy; U; 1990) $49,071,998

Contact (R. Zemeckis; R. Zemecki/S. Starkey; WB; 1997) $49,033,708

In the Line of Fire (W. Petersen; J. Apple; Col; 1993) $49,000,000

The Towering Inferno (J. Guillermin; I. Allen; Fox/WB; 1975) $48,838,000

Love Story (A. Hiller; H. Minsky; Par; 1970) $48,700,000

Dead Poets Society (P. Weir; S. Haft/P.J. Witt/T. Thomas; BV; 1989) $48,427,506

Blazing Saddles (M. Grooks; M. Hertzberg; WB; 1974) $47,800,000

Kindergarten Cop (I. Reitman; I. Reitman/B. Grazer; U; 1990) $47,365,485

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (C. Higgins; T. Miller/E. Milkis/R. Boyett/RKO; U; 1982) $47,333,927

Bambi (Anim; W. Disney; RKO/BV; 1942) $47,265,000

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (F. Coppola; F. Coppola/F. Fuchs/C. Mulvehill; Col; 1992) $47,200,000

Die Hard With a Vengeance (J. McTiernan; J. McTiernan/M. Tadross; Fox; 1995) $47,005,870

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (G. Trousdale/K. Wise; D. Hahn; BV; 1996) $46,900,000

Sleeping With the Enemy (J. Ruben; L. Goldberg; Fox; 1991) $46,629,000

Goldeneye (M. Campbell; M. Wilson/B. Brocoli; MGM/UA; 1995) $46,099,300

*Space Jam (J. Pytka; I. Reitman/J. Medjuck/d. Goldberg; WB; 1996) $46,077,380

Eraser (C. Russell; A. Kopelson; Anne Kopelson; WB; 1996) $46,032,666

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (G.R. Hill; J. Foreman; Fox; 1969) $45,953,000

*Con Air (S. West; J. Bruckheimer; BV; 1997) $45,466,108

Airport (G. Seaton; R. Hunter; U; 1970) $45,220,000

Interview With the Vampire (N. Jordan; D. Geffen/S. Woolley; WB; 1994) $45,100,000

Mary Poppins (R. Stevenson; W. Disney; BV; 1964) $45,000,000

The First Wives Club (H. Wilson; S. Rudin; Par; 1996) $44,618,964

*George of the Jungle (S. Weisman; D. Hoberman/J. Kemer/J. Avnet; BV; 1997) $44,616,118

Unforgiven (C. Eastwood; WB; 1992) $44,400,000

Schindler’s List (S. Spielberg, S. Spielberg/B. Lustig/G. Molen; U; 1993) $44,164,190

The Naked Gun 2-1/2: The Smell of Fear (D. Zucker; R.K. Weiss; Par; 1991) $44,200,000

The Graduate (M. Nichols; L. Turman; AvcoEmb; 1968) $44,090,729

Crimson Tide (T. Scott; D. Simpson/J. Bruckheimer; BV; 1995) $43,865,850

Presumed Innocent (A. J. Pakula; S. Pollack/M. Rosenberg; WB; 1990) $43,800,000

Aliens (J. Cameron; G.A. Hurd; Fox; 1986) $43,753,000

Out of Africa (S. Pollack; U; 1985) $43,448,253

Cliffhanger (R. Harlin; A. Marshall; TriStar; 1993) $43,306,664

The Karate Kid (J. Avildsen; J. Weintraub; Col; 1984) $43,120,000

Seven (D. Fincher; A. Kopelson; New Line; 1995) $43,100,000

Father of the Bride (C. Shyer; N. Meyers/C. Baum/H. Rosenman; BV; 1991) $43,027,000

The Ten Commandments (C.B. DeMille; C.B. DeMille; Par; 1956) $43,000,000

Waterworld (K. Reynolds; C. Gordon/J. Davis/K. Costner; U; 1995) $42,358,180

The Goodbye Girl (H. Ross; R. Stark; MGM/WB; 1977) $41,839,170

The Jerk (C. Reiner; D. Picker/W.E. McEuen; U; 1979) $42,989,656

Rocky II (S. Stallone; R. Chartoff/I. Winker; UA; 1979) $42,169,387

The Poseidon Adventure (R. Neame; I. Allen; Fox; 1972) $42,000,000

Arthur (S. Gordon; R. Greenhut; Orion/WB; 1981) $42,000,00

Back to School (A. Metter; E. Endler/M. Endler/H. Ramis/C. Russell; Orion; 1986) $41,948,383

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (M. Pressman; T. Gray/K. Dawson/D. Chan/R. Chow; New Line; 1991) $41,900,000

*Hercules (Anim; J. Musker; A. Dewey/J. Musker/R. Clements; BV; 1997) $41,846,838

When Harry Met Sally (R. Reiner; R. Reiner/A. Scheinman; Col; 1989) $41,790,000

Fantasia (Anim; W. Disney; RKO/BV; 1940) $41,660,000

The War of the Roses (D. DeVito; J.L. Brooks/A. Milchan; Fox; 1989) $41,400,000

Cinderella (Anim; W. Jackson; W. Disney; RKO/BV; 1949) $41,087,000

Stripes (I. Reitman; D. Goldberg/I. Reitman; Col; 1981) $40,886,589

Airplane! (J. Abrahams/D. Zucker/J. Zucker; H.W. Koch/J. Davison; Par; 1980) $40,610,000

Trading Places (J. Landis; A. Russo; Par; 1983) $40,600,000

Any Which Way You Can (B. Van Horn; F. Manes; WB; 1980) $40,500,000

*Star Trek: First Contact (J. Frakes; R. Berman; Par; 1996) $40,491,880

Pinocchio (Anim; W. Disney; RKO/BV; 1940) $40,442,000

Alien (R. Scott; G. Carroll/D. Giler/W. Hill; Fox; 1979) $40,300,000

Backdraft (R. Howard; R.B. Lewis/ P. Densham/J. Watson; U; 1991) $40,260,678

Lady and the Tramp (Anim; W. Disney; BV; 1985) $40,249,000

The Little Mermaid (Anim; R. Clements/J. Musker; H. Ashman/J. Musker; BV; 1989) $40,227,000

Another 48 Hours (W. Hill; L. Gordon/R. Wachs; Par; 1990) $40,100,000

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn (N. Meyer; R. Sallin/H. Bennett; Par; 1982) $40,000,000

Cocoon (R. Howard; R. Zanuck/D. Brown/L.F. Zanuck; Fox; 1985) $40,000,000

Steel Magnolias (H. Ross; R. Stark; TriStar; 1989) $40,000,000

Days of Thunder (T. Scott; D. Simpson/J. Bruckheimer; Par; 1990) $40,000,000

The Golden Child (M. Ritchie; E. Feldman/R. Wachs; Par; 1986) $39,723,089

Dangerous Minds (J.N. Smith; D. Simpson/J. Bruckheimer; BV; 1995) $39,586,890

*Scream (W. Craven; C. Woods/C. Konrad; Miramax; 1996) $39,502,716

Cape Fear (M. Scorsese; B. De Fina/K. Kennedy/F. Marshall; U; 1991) $39,490,060

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (C. Hanson; D. Maden; BV; 1992) $39,334,000

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (L. Nimoy; H. Bennett; Par; 1984) $39,000,000

Disclosure (B. Levinson; B. Levinson/M. Crichton; WB; 1994) $39,000,000

Smokey and the Bandit II (H. Needham; H. Moonjean; U; 1980) $38,911,473

While You Were Sleeping (J. Turteltaub; J. Roth/R. Birnbaum; BV; 1995) $38,907,370

Young Frankenstein (M. Brooks; M. Gruskoff; Fox; 1975) $38,823,000

Schindler’s List (S. Spielberg, S. Spielberg/B. Lustig/G. Molen; U; 1993) $38,649,600

War Games (J.Badham; H. Schneider/L. Goldberg; MGM/UA; 1983) $38,519,833

Police Academy (H. Wilson; P. Maslansky; Ladd/WB; 1984) $38,500,000

Fiddler on the Roof (N. Jewison; UA; 1971) $38,260,954

Poltergeist (T. Hooper; S. Spielberg/F. Marshall; MGM/UA; 1982) $38,248,762

Congo (F. Marshall; K. Kennedy/S. Mercer; Par; 1995) $38,080,500

The Godfather, Part III (F. Coppola; Par; 1990) $38,000,000

Apocalypse Now (F. Coppola; UA; 1979) $37,980,163

Three Men and a Little Lady (E. Ardolino; T. Field/R. Cort; BV; 1990) $37,757,378

Peter Pan (Anim; W. Disney; RKO/BV; 1953) $37,584,000

Patriot Games (P. Noyce; M. Neufeld/R. Rehme; Par; 1992) $37,500,000

Philadelphia (J. Demme; J. Demme/E. Saxon; TriStar; 1993) $37,500,000

Annie (J. Huston; R. Stark; Col; 1982) $37,480,000

Fried Green Tomatoes (J. Avnet; J. Avnet/J. Kerner; U; 1991) $37,402,827

Superman III (R. Lester; P. Spengler/I. Salkind; WB; 1983) $37,200,000

A Star Is Born (F. Pierson; J. Peters; WB; 1976) $37,100,000

Under Siege (A. Davis; A. Milchan/S. Seagal/S. Reuther; WB; 1992) $37,100,000

10 (B. Edwards; B. Edwards/T. Adams; Orion/WB; 1979) $37,000,000

Ben-Hur (W. Wyler; S. Zimbalist; MGM; 1959) $36,992,088

King Kong (J. Guillermin; D. De Laurentiis; Par; 1976) $36,915,000

The Untouchables (B. DePalma; A. Linson; Par; 1987) $36,866,530

Born on the Fourth of July (O. Stone; A.K. Ho/O.Stone; U; 1989) $36,803,148

The Cannonball Run (H. Needham; A. Ruddy; Fox; 1981) $36,800,000

M*A*S*H (R. Altman; I. Preminger; Fox; 1970) $36,720,000

Mortal Kombat (P. Anderson; L. Kasanoff; New Line; 1995) $36,600,000

Mr. Holland’s Opus (S. Herek; T. Field/M. Nolin/R. Cort; BV; 1995) $36,550,000

The Jewel of the Nile (L.Teague; M. Douglas; Fox; 1985) $36,500,000

Cocktail (R. Donaldson; T. Field/R. Cort; BV; 1988) $36,474,000

Father of the Bride, Part II (C. Shyer; N. Meyers/C. Baum/H. Rosenman; BV; 1995) $36,200,000

Flashdance (A. Lyne; D. Simpson/J. Bruckheimer; Par; 1983) $36,180,000

The Prince of Tides (B. Streisand; B. Streisand/A. Karsch; Col; 1991) $36,100,000

Romancing the Stone (R. Zemeckis; M. Douglas; Fox; 1984) $36,000,000

Die Hard (J. McTiernan; L. Gordon/J. Silver; Fox; 1988) $36,000,000

Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country (N. Meyer; R. Winter/S.C. Jaffe; Par; 1991) $36,000,000

Free Willy (S. Wincer; L. Shuler-Donner/J. Tugend; WB; 1993) $36,000,000

Earthquake (M. Robson; U; 1974) $35,849,994

Grumpier Old Men (H. Deutch; J. Davis/R. Berman; WB; 1995) $35,792,663

Star Trek Generations (D. Carson; R. Berman; Par; 1994) $35,700,000

Pulp Fiction (Q. Tarantino; L. Bender; Miramax; 1994) $35,614,180

Turner & Hooch (R. Spottiswoode; R. Wagner; BV; 1989) $35,260,000

The Last of the Mohicans (M. Mann; M. Mann/H. Lowry; Fox; 1992) $35,177,486

*Conspiracy Theory (R. Donner; J. Silver/R. Donner; WB; 1997) $35,108,500

Grumpy Old Men (D. Petrie; R. Berman/J. Davis; WB; 1993) $35,100,000

Coal Miner’s Daughter (M. Apted; B. Larson; U; 1980) $35,030,225

The Amityville Horror (S. Rosenberg; R. Saland/E. Geisinger; AIP/FWS) $35,000,000

Hooper (H. Needham; B Reynolds/L. Gordon; WB; 1978) $34,900,000

The Cable Guy (B. Stiller; A. Licht/J. Mueller/J. Apatow; Sony; 1996) $33,600,000

Braveheart (M. Gibson; M. Gibson/A. Ladd Jr./B. Davey; Par; 1995) $31,818,442

Sudden Impact (C. Eastwood; WB; 1983) $34,800,000

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (J. Chechik; J. Hughes/T. Jacobson/M. Simmons; WB; 1989) $34,800,000

Broken Arrow (J. Woo; M. Gordon/B. Badalato; Fox; 1996) $34,619,070

*Dante’s Peak (R. Donaldson; G. A. Hurd/J. M. Singer; U; 1997) $31,572,690

Private Benjamin (H. Zieff; N. Meyers/C. Shyer/H. Miller; WB; 1980) $34,400,000

The Naked Gun (D. Zucker; R.K. Weiss; Par; 1988) $34,400,000

Moonstruck (N. Jewison; P.Palmer/N. Jewison; MGM/UA; 1987) $34,393,000

The Bridges of Madison County (C. Eastwood; C. Eastwood/K. Kennedy; WB; 1995) $34,355,230

White Men Can’t Jump (R. Shelton; D. Miller/D. Lester; Fox; 1992) $34,115,000

Splash (R. Howard; B. Grazer; BV; 1984) $34,103,000

Octopussy (J. Glen; A. Broccoli; MGM/UA; 1983) $34,031,000

My Fair Lady (G. Cukor; J. Warner; WB; 1964) $34,000,000

Footloose (H. Ross; L.J. Rachmil/C.Zadan/D. Melnick; Par; 1984) $34,000,000

JFK (O. Stone; A.K. Ho/O. Stone; WB; 1991) $34,000,000

Boomerang (R. Hudlin; B. Grazer/W. Hudlin; Par; 1992) $34,000,000

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (T. Shadyac, J. Robinson; WB; 1993) $34,000,000

Wolf (M. Nichols; D. Wick; Col; 1994) $34,000,000

Stargate (R. Emmerich; J. Michaels/O. Eberle/D. Devlin; MGM/UA; 1994) $34,000,000

Moonraker (L. Gilbert; A. Broccoli; UA; 1979) $33,924,008

Hot Shots! (J. Abrahams; B. Badalato; Fox; 1991) $33,761,000

Rising Sun (P. Kaufman; P. Kaufman; Fox; 1993) $33,392,872

Staying Alive (S.Stallone; R. Stigwood/S.Stallone; Par; 1983) $33,650,000

Beetlejuice (T. Burton; M. Bender/L.Wilson/R. Hashimoto; Geffen/WB; 1988) $33,200,000

Oliver & Company (Anim; G. Scribner; BV; 1988) $33,199,470

Waiting to Exhale (F. Whitaker; E. Swerdlow/D. Schindler; Fox; 1995) $33,010,822

Harlem Nights (E. Murphy; R. Wachs/M. Lipsky/E. Murphy; Par; 1989) $33,000,000

*The English Patient (A. Minghella; S. Zaentz; Miramax; 1996) $32,763,702

Nine Months (C. Columbus; A. Francois/C. Columbus/M. Radcliffe/M. Barnathan; Fox; 1995) $32,754,660

Billy Jack (T. Laughlin; M. Solti; WB; 1971) $32,500,000

Groundhog Day (H. Ramis; T. Albert/H. Ramis; Col; 1993) $32,500,000

Legends of the Fall (E. Zwick; E. Zwick/B. Wittliff/M. Herskovitz; Sony; 1994) $32,100,000

The Blues Brothers (J. Landis; R.K. Weiss; U; 1980) $32,098,717

The Muppet Movie (J. Frawley; J. Henson; AFD; 1979) $32,000,000

The Witches of Eastwick (G. Miller; N. Canton/P. Guber/J. Peters; WB; 1987) $31,800,000

Alien 3 (D. Fincher; G. Carroll/D. Giler/W. Hill; Fox; 1992) $31,762,000

Purple Rain (A. Magnoli; R. Cavallo/J. Ruffalo/S. Fargnoli; WB; 1984) $31,700,000

Get Shorty (B. Sonnenfeld; D. DeVito/M. Shamberg/S. Sher; MGM/UA; 1995) $31,542,110

Bad Boys (M. Bay; D. Simpson/J. Bruckheimer; Col; 1995) $31,531,110

Oh, God (C. Reiner; J. Weinraub; WB; 1977) $31,500,000

Scrooged (R. Donner; R. Donner/A. Linson; Par; 1988) $31,500,000

Outbreak (W. Petersen; A. Kopelson/W. Petersen/G. Katz; WB; 1995) $31,500,000

Ruthless People (J. Abrahams/D. Zucker/J.Zucker; M. Peyser; BV; 1986) $31,443,000

Arachnophobia (F. Marshall; K. Kennedy/R. Vane/S. Spielberg/F. Marshall; BV; 1990) $31,366,000

The Deep (P. Yates; P. Guber; Col; 1977) $31,266,000

The Trial of Billy Jack (F. Laughlin; J. Cramer; Taylor-Laughlin/WB; 1974) $31,100,000

Predator (J. McTiernan; J. Silver/J. David/L.Gordon; Fox; 1987) $31,000,000

The Shining (S. Kubrick; WB; 1980) $30,900,000

The Godfather, Part II (F. Coppola; F. Coppola/G. Fredrickson/F. Roos; Par; 1974) $30,673,000

Chariots of Fire (H. Hudson; D. Puttnam; Ladd/WB; 1981) $30,600,000

Field of Dreams (P.A. Robinson; L. Gordon/C.Gordon; U; 1989) $30,531,000

Spies Like Us (J. Landis; B. Grazer/G. Folsey Jr.; WB; 1985) $30,500,000

Death Becomes Her (R. Zemeckis; R. Zemeckis/S. Starkey; U; 1992) $30,433,483

Risky Business (P. Brickman; J. Avnet/S. Tisch; Geffen/WB; 1983) $30,400,000

National Lampoon’s Vacation (H. Ramis/M. Simmons; WB; 1983) $30,400,000

HouseSitter (F. Oz; B. Grazer; U; 1992) $30,390,622

Uncle Buck (J. Hughes; J. Hughes/T. Jacobson; U; 1989) $30,335,176

48 Hrs. (W. Will; L. Gordon/J. Silver; Par; 1982) $30,328,000

The Electric Horseman (S. Pollack; Col; 1979) $30,282,966

Dragnet (T. Mankiewicz; D. Permut/R.K. Weiss; U; 1987) $30,234,468

Heat (M. Mann; M. Mann/A. Linson; WB; 1995) $30,248,117

Tango & Cash (A. Konchalovsky; P. Guber/J. Peters; WB; 1989) $30,100,000

Dave (I. Reitman; L. Shuler-Donner/I. Reitman; WB; 1993) $30,100,000

The Rescuers (Anim; W. Reitherman/J. Lounsbury/A. Stevens; W. Reitherman; BV; 1977) $30,090,000

Silver Streak (A. Hiller; E. Milkis/T. Miller; Fox; 1976) $30,018,000

All the President’s Men (A.J. Pakula; W. Coblenz; WB; 1976) $30,000,000

Hard to Kill (B. Malmuth; G. Adelson/J. Simon/B. Todman Jr.; WB; 1990) $30,000,000

The American President (R. Reiner; R. Reiner; Sony; 1995) $30,000,000

Cool Runnings (J. Turteltaub; D. Steel; BV; 1993) $29,982,934

*Spawn (M.A.Z. Dippe; C. Goldman; New Line; 1997) $29,914,700

The Goonies (R. Donner; R. Donner; H. Bernhard/S. Spielberg/F. Marshall/K. Kennedy; WB; 1985) $29,900,000

The Secret of My Success (H. Ross; U; 1987) $29,855,540

The Fox and the Hound (Anim; A. Stevens/T. Berman/R. Rich; W. Reitherman/A. Stevens; BV; 1981) $29,812,000

A Fish Called Wanda (C. Crichton; M. Shamberg; MGM/UA; 1988) $29,766,000

*Jingle All the Way (B. Levant; C. Columbus/M. Radcliffe/M. Barnathan; Fox; 1996) $29,683,200

Lethal Weapon (R. Donner; R. Donner/J. Silver; WB; 1987) $29,500,000

What About Bob? (F. Oz; L. Ziskin; BV; 1991) $29,282,227

Song of the South (H. Foster/W. Jackson; W. Disney; RKO/BV; 1946) $29,228,720

Far and Away (R. Howard; B. Grazer/R. Howard; U; 1992) $28,910,698

The Blue Lagoon (R. Kleiser; Col; 1980) $28,838,022

The Abyss (J. Cameron; G.A. Hurd; Fox; 1989) $28,800,000

Flatliners (J. Schumacher; M. Douglas; R. Beiber; Col; 1990) $28,800,000

Sea of Love (H. Becker; M. Bregman/L.A. Stroller; U; 1989) $28,623,522

Thunderball (T. Young; K. McClory; UA; 1965) $28,621,434

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (J. Hughes J. Hughes/T. Jacobson; Par; 1986) $28,600,000

Working Girl (M. Nichols; D. Wick; Fox; 1988) $28,600,000

The Omen (R. Donner; H. Bernard; Fox; 1976) $28,544,000

Rambo III (P. Macdonald; B. Feitshans/M. Kassar/A. Vajna; TriStar; 1988) $28,509,000

Witness (P. Weir; E. Feldman; Par; 1985) $28,500,000

Scent of a Woman (M. Brest; M. Brest; U; 1993) $28,500,000

Courage Under Fire (E. Zwick; J. Davis/J. Singer/D. Friendly; Fox; 1996) $28,417,322

Up in Smoke (L. Adler; L. Adler/L. Lombardo; Par; 1978) $28,300,000

Down and Out in Beverly Hills (P. Mazursky; BV; 1986) $28,277,000

*The Saint (P. Noyce; D. Brown/R. Evans/W.J. Macdonald/M. Neufeld; Par; 1997) $28,227,120

Stakeout (J. Badham; J. Kouf/C. Summers; 1987) $28,215,000

Never Say Never Again (I. Kershner; J. Schwartzman; WB; 1983) $28,200,000

Patton (F.J. Schaffner; F. McCarthy; Fox; 1970) $28,100,000

What’s Up Doc? (P. Bogdanovich; WB; 1972) $28,000,000

Cobra (G.P. Cosmatos; M. Golan/Y. Globus; WB; 1986) $28,000,000

The Living Daylights (J. Glen; A. Broccoli/M. Wilson; MGM/UA; 1987) $27,878,804

Willow (R. Howard; N. Wooll/G. Lucas; MGM/UA; 1988) $27,835,000

My Girl (H. Zieff; B. Grazer; Col; 1991) $27,700,000

Throw Momma From the Train (D. DeVito; L. Brezner; Orion; 1987) $27,758,311

Species (R. Donaldson; F. Mancuso Jr./D. Feldman; MGM/UA; 1995) $27,625,050

The Last Boy Scout (T. Scott; J. Silver/M. Levy; WB; 1991) $27,600,000

Foul Play (C. Higgins; T. Miller/E. Milkis) $27,500,000

Edward Scissorhands (T. Button; D. DeNovi/T. Burton; Fox; 1990) $27,500,000

The Deer Hunter (M. Cimino; B. Spikings/M. Deeley/M. Cimino; U; 1978) $27,436,325

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (R. Kleiser; D. Steel/E.S. Feldman; BV; 1992) $27,417,000

*Anaconda (L. Llosa; V. Harrah/L. Rabinowitz/C. Little; Sony; 1997) $27,313,628

Legal Eagles (I. Reitman; U; 1986) $27,244,588

Police Academy 2 — Their First Assignment (J. Paris; P. Maslansky; WB; 1985) $27,200,000

*Beavis and Butt-head Do America (M. Judge; A. Terkuhle; Par; 1996) $27,091,100

The Four Seasons (A. Alda; M. Bregman; U; 1981) $27,137,478

Jaws 3-D (J. Alves; R. Hitzif; U; 1983) $27,035,452

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (W. Shatner; H. Bennett/R. Winter; Par; 1989) $27,035,452

*The Fifth Element (L. Besson; P. Ledoux; Sony; 1997) $26,941,053

Misery (R. Reiner; A. Scheinman/R. Reiner; Col; 1990) $26,880,000

Last Action Hero (J. McTiernan; S. Roth/J. McTiernan; Col; 1993) $26,800,000

Boyz N the Hood (J. Singleton; S. Nicolaides; Col; 1991) $26,700,000

The Verdict (S. Lumet; R. Zanuck/D. Brown; Fox; 1982) $26,650,000

The Crying Game (N. Jordan; S. Woolley; Miramax; 1993) $26,583,302

For Your Eyes Only (J. Glen; A. Broccoli; MGM/UA; 1981) $26,577,736

Beethoven (B. Levant; J. Medjuck/M.C. Gross/I. Reitman; U; 1992) $26,450,910

The Main Event (H. Zieff; J. Peters/B. Streisand; WB; 1979) $26,400,000

Pet Sematary (M. Lambert; R.P. Rubinstein; Par; 1989) $26,400,000

Unlawful Entry (J. Kaplan; C. Gordon; Fox; 1992) $26,357,000

Funny Girl (W. Wyler, R. Stark; Col; 1968) $26,325,000

The French Connection (W. Friedkin; P. D’Antoni/Scine-Moore; Fox; 1971) $26,315,000

Tombstone (G. Cosmatos; J. Jacks/S. Daniel/B. Misiorowski; BV; 1993) $26,122,000

Clueless (A. Heckerling; S. Rudin/R. Lawrence; Par; 1995) $26,121,600

Cleopatra (J.L. Mankewicz; W. Wanger; Fox; 1963) $26,000,000

Twelve Monkeys (T. Gilliam; C. Roven; U; 1995) $25,621,600

Jack (F. Coppola; R. Mestres/F. Fuchs/F. Coppola; BV; 1996) $25,602,504

National Lampoon’s European Vacation (A. Heckerling; M. Simmons; WB; 1985) $25,600,000

My Cousin Vinny (J. Lynn; D. Launer/P. Schif; Fox; 1992) $25,565,000

2001: A Space Odyssey (S. Kubrick; MGM/UA; 1968) $25,521,917

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