Hispanic org blasts Disney hiring policy

Mouse House efforts called 'inadequate'

The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) has fired back a rebuttal to a Walt Disney Co. statement last week maintaining that the company was complying with industry standards in its hiring and promotion of Latinos, with the NHMC labeling Disney’s efforts “half-hearted” and “inadequate.”

Disney’s statement came in response to an NHMC threat to petition the Federal Communications Commission to deny license renewal to 10 Southern California radio stations, including the Disney/ABC Radio outlets KABC, KTZN and KLOS-FM in Los Angeles.

The NHMC charged that Disney has responded to just one of the organization’s four demands, that being the transfer of Diane Medina to head up ethnic diversity efforts for Disney corporately (she had been at KABC TV previously).

The NHMC statement called the Medina concession “half-hearted, since Ms. Medina is reporting to the vice president in charge of human relations. The issue of hiring Latinos should not be construed as a public relations gimmick.”

As for Disney’s recent claim that it has established a training program to teach Latino writers and producers how to function within the Disney corporate culture, the NHMC called the concession “not only half-hearted but insulting … It is not up to the world to reflect Disney, but up to Disney to reflect the world.”

Disney has refused to reply to three other NHMC demands, the organization’s statement claimed. Those are the recruitment and retention of Latinos in top corporate managerial and creative positions; the full disclosure of its employment statistics; and the inclusion of Latino companies in its procurement lists.