A former assistant to Peter Guber has filed a lawsuit against the producer, his Mandalay Entertainment outfit and Sony Pictures Entertainment, alleging sexual harassment and a hostile working environment.

In a complaint filed Nov. 17 in L.A. Superior Court, Suzanne Clark claims Guber “repeatedly made degrading comments of a sexual nature to and about (her) in an offensive manner.” Her lawsuit seeks redress under the law that prohibits employers or their agents from sexually harassing employees.

Clark also asserts in her six-page lawsuit that Guber “touched (her) in an unwelcome fashion, leered at (her) in a sexually suggestive fashion, all of which constituted unlawful sexual harassment.”

The lawsuit claims Guber’s conduct “rendered (Clark’s) employment intolerable, and no reasonable person could have tolerated it.” It also alleges that when Clark asked Guber to stop the offensive acts, he refused.

“(Guber’s) conduct … was malicious and was intended to oppress, humiliate and denigrate (Clark) and was totally without justification.”

Clark, who is asking for at least $100,000 in lost wages and emotional distress, plus punitive damages, court costs and attorneys fees, was “a floater employee on loan to Mandalay.”

Floater employees are employed by Sony and are assigned to work for companies with whom Sony has pacted, or with Sony arms, such as Columbia Pictures.

On Oct. 15, 1996, Clark pressed her claims with the California Dept. of Fair Employment and Housing, the first course of action required for employees of companies.

On Nov. 15, Clark received a Notice of Right to Sue from the department, allowing her to pursue the sexual harassment claims through litigation.

A spokesman for Sony could not be reached for comment.