Producer-manager Sandy Gallin who has been accused of sexual harassment, fraud and breach of contract by a pair of former Gallin-Morey execs, fired a legal salvo of his own by filing a cross-complaint Monday.

In a complaint filed in L.A. Superior Court, Gallin claimed former Gallin-Morey Associates managers Michael Green and Jeffrey Kwatinetz breached their employment contracts and stole clients, which breached their fiduciary duty to the management firm.

Kwatinetz and Green recently established the Firm, with a roster that includes several former Gallin-Morey clients, including the rock band Korn and actor/comedian Martin Lawrence.

In the complaint, Gallin asserts the pair, “motivated by greed, unilaterally breached (their) employment contracts … so that (they) could pocket … all of the commissions that would have been due Gallin-Morey.”

The lawsuit further claims that the pair has “concocted preposterous, untrue and defamatory charges” against Gallin-Morey in an attempt “to cover up financial improprieties and (as part of a) refusal to honor contractual commitments.”

In their lawsuit, Green and Kwatinetz alleged that Gallin’s demeanor created a hostile working environment and that Gallin would repeatedly make inappropriate sexually related comments. In a statement, Gallin denied the lawsuit’s claims when it was filed (Daily Variety, Oct. 6).

Gallin’s complaint also alleges Green and Kwatinetz “interfered with the company’s contractual relations by inducing” other Gallin-Morey business managers Peter Katsis and Jon Cornick to breach their contracts and join in the “misguided business venture.”

Gallin’s lawsuit seeks $1 million in compensatory damages and punitive damages for the pair’s “despicable and untrustworthy conduct.”

Attorneys for Kwatinetz and Green did not return telephone calls seeking comment.