:Saban Entertainment is canceling both of its current half-hour syndie strips and two of its weekly series at the end of the season. In their place, Saban will sell a new half-hour weekly education series “The All New Captain Kangaroo,” and add new off-net series to the “Saban Kids Network” weekday and weekend blocks.

The half-hour strips “Masked Rider” and “Samurai Pizza Cats” will not return next season because of low ratings. Saban is also canceling two of its weekly series, “The Why Why Family” and “Eagle Riders.”

Saban is selling 52 episodes of a one-hour kids strip called “X-Men … and More!” in place of the canceled dailies in Fall 1997. The hour block will feature off-net, half-hour episodes of the successful Fox Kids Network “X-Men,” as well as firstrun, half-hour episodes of the “Marvel Superheroes Checkerboard.”

The “Marvel Superheroes Checkerboard” will rotate various Marvel series, including “Iron Man” and “Fantastic Four,” which have aired in syndication for two seasons, but were never previously a part of the Saban Kids Network.

In place of the two canceled weekly shows, Saban will be adding FCC-friendly “The All New Captain Kangaroo” and 13 off-net episodes of Fox Kids Network’s “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.”

Saban will produce at least 13 episodes of “The All New Captain Kangaroo,” which will include elements of the original that aired on CBS and PBS, such as “The Storybook Corner.” The show will also include science segments based on the canceled “The Why, Why Family.” Two weekly series will also return: “Dragon Ball Z” and “Saban’s Adventures of Oliver Twist.”

Saban will sell all the kids series for barter ad time, with a 50-50 barter split.