Bubbles Galore

Bubbles Galore Nina Hartley Vivian Klitorsky Tracy Wright Godfrey Montana Daniel MacIvor Dory Drawers Shauny Sexton God Annie Sprinkle Buck Lister Andrew Scorer

Bubbles Galore Nina Hartley Vivian Klitorsky Tracy Wright Godfrey Montana Daniel MacIvor Dory Drawers Shauny Sexton God Annie Sprinkle Buck Lister Andrew Scorer

With: Sky Gilbert, Peter Lynch. Ed Fielding. Hillar Liitoja, Brittance Bond, Sigrid Johnson, Kirsten Johnson, Jessica Summers Rosalba Martinni, Deborah Demille. Then Gill, Wendy White, Scott Sprague.

Bubbles Galore,” the latest indie outing from writer-director Cynthia Roberts and producer Greg Klymkiw (“Careful,” “Archangel”), is a much more entertaining offering than “The Last Supper,” the tandem’s 1994 AIDS drama. New item is a spicy, comic look at the porn business that manages to combine a feminist message about the rights of sex workers with a large dollop of fairly explicit bedroom action, much of which is deliberately made to look like a real, low-budget XXX pic.

Even more surprising is the film’s almost-sappy, romantic side, which turns this offbeat feature into a strange cross-pollination of an old-fashioned, Hollywood tear-jerker with “Deep Throat.” The frequent sex scenes, many of which focus on all-female gymnastics, will limit the film’s reach, as will the low-fi production values. But the pic’s hip politics, the presence of porn activist Annie Sprinkle in a droll turn as God, and the highly sellable concept of a politically correct smut film will likely allow this to make a mark in specialized settings.

Lead character Bubbles Galore (real-life porn vet Nina Hartley) is a popular star and producer of numerous adult pics, and, at start of X-rated yarn, she is told in no uncertain terms by her distributor Jimmy Remington (Ed Fielding) that she has just four weeks to shoot her new pic, “Good Girl Gone Bad.” Bubbles’ arch-rival, Godfrey Montana (Daniel Maclvor), on the other hand, is intent on doing everything in his power to make sure “Good Girl Gone Bad” never makes it onto the silver screen. Montana has tried to win back Bubbles and he is seething with resentment after being unceremoniously told to take a hike by his former starlet and g.f.

Bubbles begins auditions for her new steamorama opus and the first candidate is Dory Drawers (Shauny Sexton), a gorgeous young woman who seems perfect for the starring role — until Bubbles discovers that the would-be XXX thesp is a virgin. The magnanimous Bubbles then decides that she will take the time and effort to teach this ingenue the finer points of on-and off-screen lovemaking, a decision that incenses Bubbles’ long-suffering assistant Vivian (Tracy Wright), who secretly has a big-time crush on her boss. Unabashedly goofy plot thickens when Montana strong-arms former male-porn stud Buck Lister (Andrew Scorer), now an impotent has-been, into trying to steal the negatives of Bubbles’ new movie.

Roberts and co-scripter Georgina Knight, a former prostitute and madame, keep the tone humorous throughout, with loads of downright silly slapstick-style sequences, and pic only becomes problematic when they begin to pour on the sentimentality. Some of the dialogue is a little clunky as well. Hartley, whose previous credits include “Night of the Living Debbies” and “I Cream of Jeannie”, is suitably convincing as the seasoned porn player, and Maclvor is appropriately over-the-top as the always-fuming Godfrey Montana. Sexton, a Penthouse Pet from Hamilton, Ontario, has little to do here except show off her curvaceous body. Sprinkle’s role as a scantily-clad deity is essentially a cameo part.

The energetic soundtrack from composer Nicholas Stirling is chockfull of fast-paced, surf-style guitar pieces and cool cocktail-jazz numbers, while cameraman Harald Bachmann has emphasized the lurid side of tale with an overload of garish, colorful shots lensed with a mix of 16mm and various types of video.

Bubbles Galore


  • Production: A Hryhory Yulyan Motion Pictures production, with the participation of the Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Film Development Corp., and Telefilm Canada. (International sales: Hryhory Yulyan Motion Pictures, Toronto.) Produced by Greg Klymkiw. Directed by Cynthia Roberts. Screenplay, Roberts, Georgina Knight.
  • Crew: Camera (color), Harald Bachmann; editors, Su Rynard, Roberts; music, Nicholas Stirling: art direction, Cindy Maxime; costumes, Tomika Von Stunden; sound, Herwig Gayer, Mindy Melons: associate producer, Remo Girlato. Reviewed at Montrcal Film Festival (Panorama Canada), Aug. 25, 1996. (Also in Vancouver festival.) Running time: 93 MIN.
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