H’w’d elite out dining & dealing

GOOD MORNING: What’s it all about, Alfie? Michael Ovitz and David Geffen were dining on sushi at Matsuhisa (not to be confused with Matsushita) Wednesday evening. And Thursday afternoon, Geffen and CAA’s Bill Haber were lunch-shmoozing at the Grill, while Ovitz had shifted to dining with Barry Diller … Seagram’s west coast liquor exex were also at Matsuhisa. They know Ovitz’s father — a wholesale liquor distributor. But, the Seagram’s men were being entertained at the sushi eatery by producer Jay Weston, asking him about potential movie/TV placement for their project. Weston, meanwhile, is setting a deal to produce “Clandestine,” a screenplay by the Daily News’ David Kipen. It’s about the so-called “suicide rule” which is in place at colleges, whereby a suicide’s roommate is excused from exams and automatically gets A in grades! I asked Yale grad Kipen if it’s true. He said, “It’s a pervasive understanding on many campuses, but they don’t publicize it.” He describes the story as ‘a coming-of-age thriller”… Also making the dining-out route: Alan Greisman with prosecutor Marcia Clark at David Slay’s La Veranda, where Dan Tana, on a night out from his eatery, was supping with longtime friend Mace Neufeld. Meanwhile, over at Tana’s, Clint Eastwood was with his longtime buddy Sidney Beckerman. Also there, Dolly Parton with her record producer Steve Buckingham … While visiting here, Milos Forman, readying the Larry Flynt story, dined with Col’s Lisa Henson and Woody Harrelson, who would like to play Flynt … And to make the munching merry-go-round even more interesting: at the family-style Apple Pan on Pico were Annette Bening and Warren Beatty with thesp Beau Billingslea and Aaron Sorkin. Billingslea’s in “The American President” with Bening; Sorkin’s the screenwriter.

PATTY HEARST SIGNED HER FIRST agent, Chuck James at Paradigm, a month ago and she’s set to join Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin in “Biodome” for Motion Picture Corp. She plays Baldwin’s mom. Jason Bloom directs for Brad Krevoy and Brad Jenkel, who saw Hearst’s audition on tape, inked her … Mia Farrow was signed by William Morris’ Gene Parseghian and Pete Levine. Judy Hofflund is Mia’s manager … Charlie Sheen (29) and Elite model Donna Peele (25) are engaged to wed. Although they met only last month, Charlie says, ” I finally stopped looking in the dictionary for the definition of ‘love.’ ” He starts “The Shadow Conspiracy” for Cinergi and director George Cosmatos in June in D.C. … Kris and Bruce Jenner are expecting their first child in Nov.; she says, “We are very excited.” They each have four children: she by ex-husband Bob Kardashian, Bruce by previous relationships. The Jenners, who have the successful “Best of Health and Fitness” infomercials, now plan to add one for expectant parents … Jeannie and Rocky Lang welcomed daughter Erica Bentley L. April 3. Jennings and Monica (Lewis) Lang are the happy grandparents … And Regina and Michael Sands welcomed Nicholas Edward S. April 13 … Daryl Hannah’s paged to co-star with Tom Arnold in “The Stupids” at Savoy for director John Landis and producer Brian Grazer. Hannah will then segue to “Grumpier Old Men,” joining Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Ann-Margret and Sophia Loren … Ron Shedlo, whose “Carrington” (Polygram) bows at the Cannes fest and in Paris May 21, is here producing a tribute to Errol Flynn for the National Film Theatre in London in association with UCLA’s archives. Included will be scenes from Flynn’s 1953 “William Tell,” which ran out of money before it could be released. Roddy McDowall bought it from the Flynn estate and is giving Shedlo the opportunity to show the footage — Flynn started Ron in the biz … Ginger Rogers, despite being wheelchaired, didn’t let it stop her enthusiasm for life — and the movies: she was planning a trip to Atlantic City for Turner and screenings of her prize pix. There will be no services and I will let you know when a tribute ceremony is set.

IT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING of Frank Sinatra licenses, says Tina Sinatra of his ties, which made their bow at Nordstrom’s last night. Frank continues to paint down at Palm Springs — where the home is now in escrow, Tina reports. Sinatra lithographs, music boxes, etc. are among the many items coming out of the Franklin Mint. As for Frank coming out to sing again — Tina doesn’t think it’s going to happen. How’s he feeling? “If I felt any better it would be a crime,” he told his daughter just the other day … The Mirage theater is now re-named “The Siegfried & Roy Theater”– with goodrea$ on … Roseanne is honored by the Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) Sunday (30) at the Airport Hyatt; Oliver Stone presents her with the Freedom of Speech Award for “her courage to stand up for her beliefs and the talent to make a difference”… My last stop en route home was in beautiful Charleston, S.C., home to many movies such as “Die Hard With A Vengeance” and soon the site for “Ace Ventura II”… Our trip to the South would have been a delight were it not for TWA. Every departure and arrival was late.