Grateful ‘Roseanne’ to welcome TV baby

GOOD MORNING: Roseanne has decided where she will have the baby — at a Grateful Dead concert. That’s to air on her TV series, of course. The star has said the coming season will be the last year of the series and she promises “wild things — everything with a happy ending.” So howcum the Grateful Dead concert site for the baby’s arrival? “In the story, I tell Dan (Goodman, her vidhusband) I’m not old and to prove it I want to go to the concert!” She’s trying to get Jerry Garcia to guest as well. Roseanne will tape a few shows in July so she can take time off after the baby arrives. Roseanne and husband Ben Thomas are expecting a boy, Ben’s first child. He’ll be named Buck — that’s Ben’s dad’s name, she tells me. “Absolutely Fabulous’s” Jennifer Saunders and Ruby Wax are coming over from England to work with Roseanne on her ABC version of the British hit series. She hopes Debbie Reynolds will play Carrie Fisher’s mom in the show and that Jerry Hall (Mrs. Mick Jagger) will co-star. “I’m as excited about this series as I was about the start of mine,” she says … Ronnie Reagan, wife Nancy and Bill and Betty Wilson were the guests of Harriet and Ardie Deutsch at Matteo’s Sunday night. Reagan looked great, chatted a bit, ordered his usual veal piccata from maitre d’ Larry Cullen, who is carrying on the tradition for the wheelchaired Matty Jordan and his late brother Mikey. When Reagan was leaving Matteo’s, the diners rose to applaud him. Ironically, Milton Berle and wife Lorna were arriving at the same time and Berle acknowledged the applause (for the president), and told the crowd, “Thank you.” Nancy laughed. Berle greeted the president, who said, “Hi, Miltie.” Berle is no stranger to Alzheimer’s. He recently starred in “Beverly Hills, 90210 ‘s” “Sentenced to Die” seg as an Alzheimer’s patient. He’s being touted for an Emmy nomination for it. “I went through research for the role,” Berle told me. “I know how he (Reagan) feels. My mother-in-law has it”… Bob Shapiro and his family also got a large portion of attention at Matteo’s Sunday night.

“DESPERATE MEASURES” and “Dramatic Measures” are two of the pic projects perking for Lee Rich and Gary Foster. The former’s to be made at Sony (following turnaround at WB), and the latter, which is totally different (and which will undoubtedly get a title change), is at WB. Rich-Foster have three pix ready for release this year –“Just Cause,””The Amazing Panda Adventure” and “Big Bully”– and are developing a story about a dolphin and an autistic child. And Foster’s completed a CBS pilot “Life Itself” for their banner, with Nora Ephron making her first TV trek … Lauren Bacall’s being talked to play Barbra Streisand’s mother in “The Mirror Has Two Faces,” one of the two pix Barbra’s readying to direct as well. Jeff Bridges co-stars as the Gary Cooper-ish college prof who romances the unmarried Streisand in “Mirror”… There are similar themes — mistaken identity — in Disney’s current hit, the Jon Turteltaub-directed “While You were Sleeping” and TriStar’s upcoming “Mrs. Winterbourne.” Still, Richard Benjamin, who is readying to direct the latter for a May 27 start, assures, “Ours is quite different, although there are some similarities.” And he says the (mother-in-law-daughter) relationship between Shirley MacLaine and Ricki Lake is something special in the Phoef Sutton script. “It’s the best script I’ve ever read”… Motion picture and TV rights to Ginger Rogers’ life story are owned by Barry Freed, who was her agent for 25 years. Jane Conners is putting together the presentation for the screen version. Freed says, “I had shown Ginger the final draft and she asked for a few changes — which we made.” Who would play Rogers? “She liked Meg Ryan after seeing her in ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’ ” When asked about a “Fred Astaire,” he reminded, “It’s the Ginger Rogers story — not the ‘Fred and Ginger’ story.”

RIGHTS OF ARTISTS will be the topic of a two-day seminar at the Prague Film Fest, fest exec director Tony (Antonin) Mosskalyk told me on his visit here (until Friday). Among those participating in the first such confab in Europe are Elliott Silverstein and Keith LaQua. Arthur Hiller will be honored at the fest with its first Golem symbol for lifetime film achievement. Karel Reisz is jury president; among others attending are Costa-Gavras, Graham Clifford, Alfonso Cuaron, Alan Pakula, Mark Rydell, Taylor Hackford, Philip Kaufman, Eric Weissman , Thom Mount, Evzen Kolar, Robert Solo and Helen Mirren … London Langham Hilton PR director Ruth Jacobs’ tour of Hollywood resulted in arrangements with Disney, WB, Par, U, Sony and MGM to make the five-star hotel their base in London for visiting execs and press tours … The announcement of the “Salute to George Burns’ 100th Year,” a two-hour CBSpec to tape Oct. 22 at the Pantages to benefit Cedars-Sinai’s Burns & Allen Research Institute, resulted next ayem with more than 100 calls for ducats … Ann-Margret celebrated her birthday with her mom and husband Roger Smith at Georgia’s on Melrose.