Columbus seeing red after ‘Nine’ reviews

GOOD MORNING: Look for more “personal” touches to another remake Christopher Columbus is planning to make — it’s “Theater of Blood,” the Vincent Price starrer of 1973 in which Price murders his crix! After reading some “Nine Months” reviews, mainly the L.A. Times’ critique Wednesday, Columbus told me, “‘Theater of Blood’ today becomes my favorite picture.” Although “Nine Months” is based on the French film “Neuf Mois,” writer-director Columbus considers it a “personal film”– he has three children and is a real family man. “That’s the reason I wanted to do it.” He also has plans for a musicalized kiddie favorite, “Madeleine,” for his 1492 Pictures banner, and also “Fantastic Four” of Marvel Comics fame; “Justice,” an NYPD corruption tale; “Shields Green and the Gospel of John Brown” and “Three and Forever,” all for 20th. There was mucho Columbus family in evidence both on screen — his three children — and at the preem with his wife and the kids, plus sister-in-law Mary Pat (Mrs. Burt) Ebzery (expecting) and children. And the movie’s editor Raja Gosnell there with his wife expecting twins. Also, Barbara and Geoff Hansen, whose baby Haley Rose’s ultrasound photo was used in the pic, plus expectant parents Marlu and Richard Rosenblum, all in the audience. All relating heavily to the movie. Columbus was pleased by the rest of the audience’s reaction as well at Wednesday’s preem of “Months” at the Cineplex Odeon Century City. They applauded at the credits — and they were also polite at any possible double entendre of star Hugh Grant’s dialogue. He was there with his g.f. Elizabeth Hurley. Columbus admitted his worries about “the incident” affecting the movie. “I was devastated at first — worried about Hugh — and then the movie. Hugh has done a remarkable turnaround. He is an honorable guy — so far as his commitment to the movie.” Grant admitted to me he was more than nervous with the first TV’er with Jay Leno. And the relationship with Hurley, who nervously held hands with him throughout their arrival and post-preem party at the ABC Entertainment Center? When I asked Grant what was the prognosis of his romance with Hurley, he bravely smiled, “We’re working on it.”

PIERCE BROSNAN, ALUMNUS of Columbus’ “Mrs. Doubtfire,” was also at the “Nine Months” preem. At the spectacular San Francisco-themed party by Along Came Mary and Johnson-Edwards music, Brosnan’s g.f. Keely Shaye Smith confided she had seen some of his footage as James Bond in “Goldeneye” and said he is terrific. Brosnan allowed he’s got “one shot” to live up to the Bond reputation. I reminded he is committed to three of ’em. “Yes, till the year 2000,” he laughingly admitted. Brosnan, Keely and his two children are off to Bora Bora for a vacation. His New Guinea-locationed “Robinson Crusoe,” originally a CBS telepic but shifted to Miramax for bigscreen when he became Bond-ed, is as good as an originally planned bigscreener, said Robert Halmi Sr. — even though it’s a $7 million budgeter. Halmi’s now in Vancouver, lauding his ABC TVersion of “Bye Bye Birdie” with Jason Alexander and Vanessa Williams –“a musical find,” Halmi says. The producer warns that Alexander may be “a few days late” reporting to “Seinfeld.””But this (‘Birdie’) is more important.” Halmi’s flushed with the joy of B’way musicals and says, “I’ll devote the rest of my life to bringing Broadway to the home (TV). It’s the original American art form and 90% of America never gets to see Broadway. I’m passionate about doing this”…”Baywatch” star David Hasselhoff, at the “Nine Months” preem, said he’s gotten many offers for bigscreen but has been turning them down — waiting for the right thing before coming out of the water. One of the flattering offer$ was from Universal. Hasselhoff and the “Baywatch” group will be honored by the Santa Monica Red Cross July 22 at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. The show’s lifesaving scenes again helped a youngster save a life. And Hasselhoff claimed the CPR scene in “Nine Months” was inspired by his series.

I AM NOW TOLD DELIVERY of Michael Jackson’s new master for “HIStory” with new lyrics to “They Don’t Care About Us” is “imminent” and that distribution of the new version will be during the week of July 24 — but I have not been given an answer as to whether Epic will recall the initial albums now on the stands with the original disgraceful lyrics … At Tuesday’s Mass for Eva Gabor at BevHills Church of the Good Shepherd, niece Francesca Hilton, Eddie Albert, Suzanne Pleshette and Joanne Hunt delivered touching farewells. Ray Katz made all arrangements, set a boys choir, plus Dick Williams to sing Eva’s favorite song, “The 12th of Never.” Zsa Zsa and Magda Gabor were on hand, plus the Lew Wassermans, Connie Stevens, Merv Griffin, Audrey Meadows, Johnny Mathis, Angie Dickinson, etc. Later, Eva’s longtime friend, Paula Kent Meehan, opened her house to the mourners.