Brando plans five final pix

GOOD MORNING: Marlon Brando says, “It’s my swan song”– when he completes five movies. As already noted, he’s awaiting final arrangements (director, script, castings) to start “Divine Rapture” co-starring Debra Winger and to shoot in Ireland –“I love the Irish, my family name is Oghan,” he reminds. He loves this script. “I laugh all the way through it.” And the second pic is “The Island of Dr. Moreau,” hopefully in Tahiti. “And it’s come to me late in the game,” says Marlon, “to write your own scripts.” So, he’s done so — three of ’em. Brando’s probably the only one not watching TV coverage of the O.J. Simpson courtroom proceedings, calls it “the biggest con game in town. Edward R. Murrow must be spinning in his grave”… Dove turned down $250,000 in offers from the tabloids to print excerpts of Faye Resnick’s “Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted,” says Dove’s Michael Viner — even though the book’s written by the Enquirer’s Mike Walker. Howcum? Viner says, to make the book even more profitable. It goes back on the bestseller list this week. We had dinner with Faye Resnick and the Viners at Drai’s and she’s got even more unpublished info, which could be useful for the prosecution … Dove is also readying a library of books — for kiddies. They’re written by Sidney Sheldon, Whitney Houston, Steve Allen and Ray Bradbury, among others … Author Joseph Wambaugh, a vet of the LAPD, will give commentary on the trial starting tonight on “Entertainment Tonight.” His first commentary will be, “Is the LAPD on trial?”…”Inside Edition” anchor Bill O’Reilly’s novel, “Those Who Trespass,” about the TV industry, is being shopped for TV mini rights by CAA’s David Tenzer. CAA is affiliated with N.S. Bienstock in N.Y., where O’Reilly’s repped by Richard Leibner and Carole Cooper.

IT’S UNLIKELY THAT GEORGE BURNS will ever do another (55-minute-long) nitery stint — however, his 100th birthday celebration has been extended to five performances, Jan. 17-21, 1996 (!), at Caesars. And the stand, at $ 100 a ticket and up, is already sold out. His birthday is Jan. 20, by the way. It’s expected Burns will be joined on stage by (quite) a few stars-friends … Margaret Thatcher and husband Denis will be partied here Feb. 14 at Chasen’s by Mary Jane and Charles Wick — he was former director of the U.S. Information Agency and is on Thatcher’s international advisory board. Among those invited are Nancy and Ronald Reagan, and it’s hoped he will be able to attend. A friend saw Reagan going to the gym the other day — and says he was in great spirits. He has good and, sad to say, bad days. Today is his 84th birthday … British beauty Amanda de Cadenet, who plays the virgin goddess Diana in the “Four Rooms” seg directed by Allison Anders, says she starts off in the seg as a rock, revived by witches played by Madonna, Ione Skye, Sammi Davis, Valeria Golino and Lili Taylor — who mix their brew — in a jacuzzi!. De Cadenet also appears in the Quentin Tarantino-directed seg. She’s talking another pic with Anders, “Grace of My Heart.” De Cadenet, married to John Taylor of Duran Duran, says she met director Anders — because the latter used to write 20-page fan letters to Taylor. They’ve become great pals. She says, “We talk every day”… Branford Marsalis segued from “The Tonight Show” to Fatburger — well, he filmed his Columbia Records musicvideo, “No Pain No Gain,” at Fatburger in West Hollywood over the weekend … The Henry Mancini tradition continues: Monica Mancini and Bill Conti team to present a musical “Tribute to Henry Mancini” at concerts that were originally booked for Henry this year — and next. Conti opens the show with instrumentals, including Hank’s “TV Medley” (“Peter Gunn,” etc.), and Monica sings Henry’s favorites, including “Charade.” Buz Kohan wrote the show.

MEREDITH MACRAE MARRIED Phil Neal, prez of Avery Dennison, at the Hotel Bel-Air last Saturday. As a prelude to the ceremony, Meredith’s father Gordon’s recording of “And This is My Beloved” was played. Later, sister Heather sang “You Take My Breath Away” and dueted with brother Bruce on “All I Ask of You.” Mother Sheila was present, as were brother Gar and daughter Allison. And Neal’s two sons. The newlyweds are honeymooning in Bora Bora … The final party in Chasen’s California Banquet Room, April 1, will be Mickey Rudin’s birthday bash for wife Mary Carol … Michael Chow is back from Beijing and Shanghai celebrations for the 100th anni of the birth of his father, actor Zhan Xin Fang, considered during his 60-year career as “the Laurence Olivier of China.” A nine-seg mini autobiog’s being readied and they’re looking for someone who looks like him, Michael? …”Earth 2″ segued Sunday from the snows of Santa Fe to summer temperatures at the beach in Zuma.