Cbs Tuesday Movie Falling for You

The thin script by Tim Kring and Paul Eric Myers isn't helped much by Eric Till's obvious direction or by most of the performances; compared to last week's ringing "Between Love and Loyalty," this week's "CBS Tuesday Movie" clanks.

The thin script by Tim Kring and Paul Eric Myers isn’t helped much by Eric Till’s obvious direction or by most of the performances; compared to last week’s ringing “Between Love and Loyalty,” this week’s “CBS Tuesday Movie” clanks.

Word’s all over town that a serial killer is wiping out blondes after gifting them with silver hearts on bracelets. The murderer heaves his victims through windows from a high-rise building (hence the lugubrious title).

Blond Meg (Garth) inexplicably sets herself up at a singles bar. Paul (Mandylor), a goofy, bespectacled stranger with slicked-back hair, picks her up.

Unbelievably, in the light of the newscasts, she goes to his high-rise apartment, and Paul makes love to her before dropping her out the window. But all Meg loses is her memory, and apparently doesn’t recognize Paul when he turns up having removed his glasses and tousled his hair. Of course, she’s in danger again.

Director Till brings only minor tension to the silly goings-on, and Garth and Mandylor offer little in the way of convincing or even interesting performances.

Billy Dee Williams is wasted in a less-than-impressive subplot; Currie Graham demonstrates energy. Peter Outerbridge, as Garth’s ex-b.f., acts sincere. Kay Tremblay plays Garth’s neighbor, who appears in the only true horror scene in the exercise; Helen Shaver adds a stylish bit as a divorcee in a bar cozying up to Williams, but the scene’s purposeless.

Production designer David Davis tries giving the overwrought program polish, but his good work’s in vain. Other tech credits suffice.

Cbs Tuesday Movie Falling for You

(Tues. (21), 9-11 p.m., CBS)

  • Production: Filmed in Toronto by Falling for You Prods. Ltd. and BBS Prods. Executive producer, Stanley M. Brooks; producer, Adam Haight; director, Eric Till; writers , Tim Kring, Paul Eric Myers; based on Mitch Giannunzio's play "Last Tag".
  • Crew: Camera, David Franco; editor, Pia di Ciaula; production designer, David Davis; sound, Lou Solakofski, Orest Sushko; music, Jonathan Goldsmith; original songs, John Pratt, Michael Alemania, Mitch Albom.
  • Cast: Cast: Jennie Garth, Costas Mandylor, Billy Dee Williams, Peter Outerbridge, Helen Shaver, Currie Graham, Kimberly Huie, Eugene A. Clarke, Gordon Currie, Kay Tremblay, Walter Alza, Warren Dexter Beatty, Laura Catalano, Lucy Filippone, Paul Molitor, Anne Pellett, Gerry Quigley, Rino Romano, Peter Torokvei, Mung-Ling-Tsui, Chandra West. With about as many holes as there are in fabric, this suspenser, which offers Jennie Garth as a brash blonde and Costas Mandylor as a purported suitor, falls on its face due to the characters' sheer dumbness.
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