Uncle Sam is getting out of the business of sponsoring violent TV shows.

U.S. Postal Service and Amtrak – held a joint press conference Feb. 16 to announce they have voluntarily agreed to no longer buy advertising time for programs containing “excessive violence.”

Along with representatives of the government agencies, the news conference was attended by Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who last year offered legislation barring the government from buying ads during gratuitously violent shows. Graham’s office released a statement saying the lawmaker believes that “if the federal government plans to regulate violence on TV, then (it) should first lead by example.”

Congress debated but failed to enact anti-TV violence legislation last year. Republicans who now control key committees on Capitol Hill have expressed little interest in reviving the anti-violence rhetoric that was prevalent in the last Congress.

“Excessively violent” shows are defined by the Defense Dept., Postal Service and Amtrak to be those that “contain violence which is inappropriate or unnecessary in relation to the story depicted or (those that) depict frequent acts of violence with no redeeming social value.”

Documentaries, news and sports will be exempted from the advertising ban.