German producer Bernd Eichinger will not sell U.S. rights to Soenke Wortmann’s runaway hit comedy “Der Bewegte Mann” after all. The Munich-based head of Neue Constantin confirmed to Variety that the film, which had grossed $35 million as of last week and was headed to touch down as Germany’s second most popular film in 1994 behind “Schindler’s List,” will instead be reshot in English with a new cast.

The film, based on two gay comic books by cult cartoonist Ralph Koenig, is scripted for mixed auds and has attracted major U.S. attention. But Eichinger decided he will go to the trouble of producing an English version of the story for the U.S. market, picking the cast and director himself.

Asked what the motivation behind such effort might be – especially considering that he could have sold the format rights – Eichinger was confident and blunt: more money.

When it comes time, however, Eichinger does plan to hook up with an American partner for U.S. distribution.