Imagine Entertainment principal Brian Grazer, who along with partner Ron Howard is producing “The Chamber,” said that they “love” the William Goldman script for the film. His comments countered several sources, who said that Howard was skittish about committing to the script. Universal slapped down $3.5 million for rights to the book.

Grazer said Howard’s decision not to direct the film had nothing to do with the script. “It was just a matter of timing. There are other projects that he’s looking at.”

Howard, through a spokesman, declined comment.

Grazer also said they have no intention of rewriting the script without Goldman. “We are producing the film with John Davis and we love the script,” he said. “We have no intention of rewriting William Goldman. We are very happy with the script and we think it’s very successful. If we undergo rewrites, it will be in conjunction with the director and William Goldman.”