Speaking of Al Pacino, there is another effort afoot to get the long-in-the-works project “Donnie Brasco” up and running at TriStar Pictures.

The package is now being talked about with Stephen Frears back at the helm, and Pacino and John Travolta possibly starring. The project would be produced by Mark Johnson, Barry Levinson and Louis DiGiaimo (he’s the casting director who found the project and brought it to Johnson’s attention). Talks are ongoing among all parties and TriStar president Marc Platt

“Donnie Brasco” is a true story about an FBI agent who infiltrates the Mob, based on the autobiographical book by Joe Pistone (alias Donnie Brasco). “Donnie Brasco” was adapted by Paul Attanasio, long before the success of “Quiz Show.” The project has had several incarnations over the years, with Levinson’s Baltimore Pictures producing, at one point with Frears and Tom Cruise. Later, Chris Menaul was attached to direct Andy Garcia. Both Frears and Travolta are repped by William Morris. Pacino is repped by CAA.