It’s turning into old home week at “A Current Affair.” The granddaddy of the tabloid mag shows, which has seen such imitators as “Inside Edition” and “Hard Copy” surpass it in the ratings, has called upon one of its creators, Peter Brennan, to help out. While Brennan is now tuning up the news-mag’s O.J. Simpson coverage, two other veterans of the show are waiting to join the team. Bob Young and John Tomlin, who brought “Inside Edition” to ratings glory after leaving “Affair,” have a $1.2 million development deal with Twentieth TV, according to industry insiders, and are expected to consult for the show once their non-compete clause with their former employer runs out in June. Staffers say all the vets coming home to roost is a sign that News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, whose Twentieth TV produces the show, is willing to spend big bucks for a rejuvenated “Affair.” Can the return of Maury Povich be far behind?

Jim Benson and Dennis Wharton contributed to this report.