Even when he was the hottest male star in Hollywood, John Travolta never saw the kind of dollar offers that have been coming his way since “Pulp Fiction,” for which he’s a serious Oscar contender. Although he got only $150,000 for “Pulp,” Travolta will receive $7 million for his next film, Fox’s “Broken Arrow,” and reportedly could get more for the one to follow, “The Lady Takes an Ace.”

“The most I ever got was about $3 million, and I think I did that about five different times,” said Travolta of his previous stint on top of the Hollywood food chain. “I guess there should be extra pressure, if it wasn’t such a part of the norm. Everybody’s making this kind of money upfront, or they’re getting it on the back end.”

Money isn’t the most satisfying post-“Pulp” change in Travolta’s life; he’s more gratified by the better quality of scripts. He said he’s gotten every great role he’s wanted recently, except for the Ron Howard-directed “Apollo 13” and the Francis Ford Coppola-helmed “Jack,” which will star Robin Williams as a child suffering from accelerated growth, which renders him a kid in a man’s body. (That film was part of a Disney apology to Williams over a money dispute about “Aladdin,” so Travolta had no shot.) “Everything else I’ve seen that I liked I have said yes to,” said Travolta.