Rip Torn and Dennis Hopper have been embroiled in a slander suit since 1994, when Hopper claimed on “The Tonight Show” that Torn pulled a knife on him on the set of “Easy Rider” back in the late ’60s.

Torn vehemently denied it, and filed suit. The suit seemed about to be settled finally, with a proposed solution that would have pitted the adversaries against each other on-screen, instead of in front of a judge.

Sources said they were moving ahead with a proposal for Torn to join Hopper in the sci-fi actioner once titled “Space Truckers,” scripted by “NYPD Blue” producer Ted Mann and to be directed by Stuart Gordon.

Torn, who just received his third Emmy nomination for the supporting role of Garry Shandling’s producer in HBO’s “The Larry Sanders Show,” considered dropping the suit if Hopper could get him a starring role in a with Stephen movie, said sources. The plan was for him to play the evil head of a space conglomerate who’s pitted against Hopper, playing a truck driver in space along with Stephen Dorff.

But Torn’s attorney, Robert Chapman, said his client is turning down the offer, and that they’ll go to court as planned. “There was a proposal, but it didn’t make sense for us, and we’ll go to trial on Aug. 21,” said Chapman.

Meanwhile, the film soon begins an eight-week shoot at Ardmore Studios outside of Dublin.