Rollin’ Along

Speaking of recoupment, Garth Drabinsky is another optimist: He remains confident that “Show Boat” will have returned its capitalization – upwards of $10 million – by early August. This despite the fact that the show has taken a dive the past few weeks and is currently playing to 85% of capacity at the Gershwin – no disgrace, to be sure, but not enough for Broadway’s most expensively run show. For week 37, the Hal Prince revival took in $758,329, down considerably from the $1 million taken in during the phenomenal (and higher-priced) New Year’s week. What’s troubling about the current figure is that most of Broadway rebounded in Week 37, while “Show Boat” took the biggest hit on the Street, dropping more than $41,000 from the previous week. Drabinsky counters that he has kept “Show Boat” away from the discount TKTS booths and declined to enact any of the other cut-rate measures producers have used to get through the tough winter weeks. In addition, he says, the show’s $13.8 million advance has remained steady. “I’m happy with these numbers,” the producer says, adding that he expects “Show Boat” to top $800,000 this week. And at the Ordway Music Theater in St. Paul, where “Show Boat” will begin a three-month run in July, a record $1,483,486 worth of tickets were sold on Feb. 6, the first day single tickets went on sale.