Business held at $6,521,046 for Week 35 (Jan. 23-29), taking a tiny .4% slip from the previous week’s tally. Attendance jumped slightly – 1.1% to 144,515.

“Love! Valour! Compassion!” played a full week of previews to high attendance and $229,618 in receipts. The Roundabout Theater Company’s “The Moliere Comedies” also played to nearly full houses in a week of previews.

“Sunset Boulevard” was back to a regular sked after experiencing a canceled performance last week due to technical problems. The tuner took a hefty $829,905.

“Jackie Mason: Politically Incorrect” struggled last week with half-mast attendance and lower receipts for its six shows, $50,725, than for three performances the previous week.

“Miss Saigon” took a $7,496 jump, while “Phantom of the Opera” dropped $26,704, a bigger drop than the tuner’s usual fluctuations.

Receipts for the musicals totaled $5,887,119,90% of the Broadway total, with paid attendance of 125,242 at 87.4% of musical capacity. Plays tallied $633,927,10% of the total, with attendance of 19,273 at 79.0% of play capacity.

Average ticket prices were $45.12 for all shows, $47.00 for musicals and $32.89 for plays.