Paris-based Vietnamese director Tran Anh Rung’s “Cyclo,” a stylish, violent pic set in Ho Chi Minh City, scored a double victory at the 52nd Venice Film Festival, winning the Golden Lion award and the international critics prize.

Along with thesp Alberto Sordi, Italo honors were presented to director Giuseppe De Santis, producer Goffredo Lombardi, composer Ennio Morricone and actress Monica Vitti.

A complete list of the main prize winners follows:

Golden Lion: “Cyclo,” Tran Anh Hung (France-Vietnam).

Special Jury Prize (tie): “God’s Comedy,” Joao Cesar Monteiro (Portugal); “The Star Man,” Giuseppe Tornatore (Italy).

Coppa Volpi, best actress (tie): Sandrine Bonnaire, Isabelle Huppert in “A Judgment in Stone,” Claude Chabrol (France).

Coppa Volpi, best actor Goetz George in “The Deathmaker,” Romuald Karmakar (Germany).

Coppa Volpi, best supporting performance (tie): Ian Hart in “Nothing Personal,” Thaddeus O’Sullivan (Ireland); Isabella Ferrari in “Diary of a Poor Young Man,” Ettore Scola (Italy).

Oselle d’Oro: “In the Bleak Midwinter,” Kenneth Branagh (Britain); “Maborosi no hikari,” Hirokazu Koreeda (Japan); “Det yani dokhtar,” Abdolfazl Jalili (Iran).

President of the Italian Senate’s Gold Medal: “Pasolini: An Italian Crime,” Marco Tullio Giordana (Italy).

Ciak d’Oro Italian Panorama audience award: “Cheats,” Felice Farina (Italy).

Fipresci award: “Cyclo”; Beyond the Clouds,” Michelangelo Antonioni, Wim Wenders (France-Italy-Germany).

Kodak Prizes: (international) “Palookaville,” Alan Taylor (U.S.); “The Meter Reader,” Stefano Incerti (Italian); “Black Holes,” Pappi Corsicato (Italian).

CICT/UNESCO Prize: “Cardiogram,” Darezhan Omirbaev (Kazakhstan).

Telepiu Young Lions: “Depth Solitude,” Joachim Solum and Thomas Lien (Norway); “Small Treasures,” Sarah Watt (Australia).