The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has bought its own web site on the Internet with plans to offer an interactive guide to the Oscars.

The Internet address – http:/www.oscars.org/ampas/ – will eventually offer filmography reference material from the Academy’s resources. The web site, created in the past few weeks, will make its presence felt Feb. 14 when the Oscar nominations are announced.

“Within minutes of the announcement, the nominees will be put up on the Internet,” said Ric Robertson, AMPAS executive administrator. “That will help to notify the international press.”

Robertson said the previous process to notify press abroad involved a complicated faxing procedure. Now they will simply pull the information down from the Internet.

The nominations will be available on two Internet locations, at the AMPAS site and at ABC’s primetime section on America Online. AMPAS contracted with Santa Monica-based company Visualize to create and input information into its web site.

AMPAS will not put photos up on the Internet since the news wire services already provide the service for press and because current technological standards make it too time-consuming to retrieve a photo.

In the coming months, AMPAS plans to add reference information to the web offerings, with lists of past winners, biographies of current nominees and a host of trivia information related to the Oscars. Much of the information will likely come from the Acad’s Margaret Herrick Library.