Disney’s “Man of the House” is the movie of the moment, leading the box office week with a total of $11 million. The film ran with a handful of new releases that opened to some disappointing numbers.

Paramount’s hit comedy “The Brady Bunch Movie,” taking $6.9 million, slipped to second place with a 31% decline from last week on the same number of screens, but still managed to beat out two new films, TriStar’s “Hideaway” – which garnered $6.5 million in its first weekend – and Hollywood Pictures’ “Roommates,” finding just over $5.1 million in its first three days.

Warner Bros.’ “Just Cause” fell 25%, with a $3,103 per-screen average, while Miramax’s “Pulp Fiction” finished in sixth with $2.9 million for the week. The pic has $86.5 million in the coffers to date.

New Line tried to find a niche in the horror genre with “The Mangler,” but the slasher film crashed with only $1.1 on 800 screens in its first week.

Other films losing ground quickly are Universal’s “Billy Madison,” down 39% from a week ago with $2.4 million in the coffers over the week, followed by Buena Vista’s “Heavyweights,” which took its title to heart and fell 50% with only $2.1 million.

Savoy’s “The Walking Dead” and U’s “The Hunted” also are headed to vid shelves, posting $1.61 million and $1.68 million over the week, respectively.

On the Oscar watch, Paramount’s “Forrest Gump” continues to run the long distance mile, bringing in $2.7 million. The per-screen average fell just 11%.

Re-releases of “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Quiz Show” are not gaining much steam from their noms with “Shawshank” outpacing “Show” with $1.9 million over the week – down 16% – compared to “Show’s” $233,811, a 63% fall.

One of the few films that found new energy was Goldwyn’s “The Madness of King George,” up 13%. The film has earned $8.4 million to date.