Aussie Film Institute Crix Kiss Rymer’s ‘Angel Baby’

Angel Baby,” Michael Rymer’s gritty drama about two schizophrenics who fall in love, now has four awards from Australian film critics to add to its seven Australian Film Institute laurels.

It was voted best film, Rymer won the director and original screenplay awards, and Jacqueline McKenzie won for actress at the annual Film Critics Circle of Australia awards presentation Dec. 14.

The pic, which co-stars McKenzie and John Lynch (“In the Name of the Father”), has been a modest B.O. performer in Oz, and is still seeking a U.S. distrib. The crix voted Aden Young as best actor for “Metal Skin” and lauded Ellery Ryan’s cinematography in “That Eye, the Sky.” New Zealand pics “Heavenly Creatures” and “Once Were Warriors” tied for English-language foreign film. The foreign-language film award was shared by “Burnt by the Sun,” “Queen Margot” and “Three Colors: Red.”