For those who didn’t make it to this year’s Sundance Film Festival, it’s now available worldwide on the Net. The hypertext web site combines audio interviews, short video clips and text including both basic information and quickly composed film reviews. The site, which is over 100 pages deep with many hyperlinks to related topics, in many ways mirrors the founding sentiments of the fest itself. “It’s information anarchy,” claims founding partner Matt Heineman, “But with good voice.” Scheduled for the debut session were interviews with helmers such as Abel Ferrara and Richard Linklater. Creators and online personalities of the site, dubbed Festival, include Ann Carli, producer of Darnell Martin’s “I like It like That,” and Tom Jacobs and Doug Rice, principals of Inter- Active8, a new media development house in Gotham. While the group had the tentative support of the festival’s organizers, they created and maintained the site completely independently. With visitors exceeding 5,000 a day, the “experiment” is set to become a regular feature of future fests.