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Worth, Menken, McAnuff team for Disney tuner

GOOD MORNING: Marvin Worth, composer Alan Menken and director Des McAnuff team for an original musical at Disney. The untitled feature was wanted by Fox, but Menken’s exclusive deal is at Disney, so that’s where it’s going. The Disney musical is from an original idea by Worth — part fantasy and contemporary. McAnuff wrote the treatment with Worth. McAnuff will also direct Worth’s “Lenny” on B’way. Michael Mann is now out as director of the Jimmy Dean biopic to be made by Worth at WB … It looked like the Reynoldses had taken over the North Hollywood hospital Wednesday. In addition to highly publicized patient Burt Reynolds, Debbie Reynolds’ mother, Maxine (82), was also there, in intensive care after suffering chest pains Monday. She had undergone bypass surgery last year. Debbie winged in from Vegas where she headlines in her hotel’s Star Theater — seven shows a week — she returned there Wednesday p.m. … Last October’s Mifed-rumored “Joan of Arc” is now set for March 1995 with “Gettsyburg” director Ronald F. Maxwell. The $ 40 million epic will be a joint Turner Pictures Worldwide and Les Films du Triangle production in France and Spain. Thousands of thesps will be employed in giant war scenes. The role of Joan is open — and will positively be played by someone 17-19 — or at least looking like it! “No more 30-year-olds!” promises Maxwell … Doug Cramer, readying his (camouflaged Joyce Haber play) “The Last Great Dish” for Off Broadway, has also optioned “J. Edgar!” for the N.Y. boards. The radio play by Harry Shearer and Tom Leopold (“Cheers”) airs Saturday on KCRW and stars Kelsey Grammer as Hoover and John Goodman as his buddy, Clyde Tolson. Shearer directs and plays Hoover booster Walter Winchell.

HISTORICAL SIGNING? Well, mebbe. Brian Keith, Margot Kidder and Russell Means star in a thriller, “Under a Killing Moon,” to be made sans sets — outside of those in Access Software’s computers. They’ll be digitalized into the movie. Access calls it the first Cyberspace Interactive Movie. It will be on a CD-ROM disc and will offer a lineup of screen computers giving guests their choice of POVs and character actions … Martina Navratilova and mystery writer Liz Nickles are collaborating on three mystery novels — all set on the women’s tennis tour, natch. The first, “The Total Zone,” will be published Aug. 29 (first day of the U.S. Open in N.Y.) by Villard. Her agents, Intl. Management Group, report a record rights sale in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland (to Donauland Publishers). It is particularly meaningful to Martina, who for many years was labeled a “non-person” in her native Czechoslovakia after her defection. This, by the way, is her last year on the singles circuit … APAgent Andy Cohen set Richard Belzer for a two-hour “Hart to Hart” telepic and Hollywood Pictures’ “Puppetmasters” while Belzer awaits “Homicide’s” pickup … Andy Friendly sez his CNBC’s primetime ratings have shown record increases compared to the nets’ averages in February ’93 and ’94. And Tom Snyder showed a 92% increase in the month … David Friendly and wife Priscilla (Nedd) expect their first baby in July … Claude Segal, Drai’s chef, and Maylie Chang were married at the eatery March 27 … Rudi Feld, 97, longtime art director, died March 25. A memorial service will be held Tuesday. He was the brother of the late Fritz Feld; both were alumni of UFA and escaped the Nazis … Phyllis Diller guests on her 24th Bob Hope special — Bob’s May 10 birthday show.

MORE THAN 3,000 UNDERPRIVILEGED kiddies are expected at Jean and Casey Kasem’s estate Easter when they’ll comb the grounds for celeb-signed eggs … The Children of the World Choir sings at the Hollywood Bowl’s sunrise services … Perfect timing: CBS’ “Christy” series debuts Sunday after an 18-year quest by Ken Wales, who with Barney Rosenzweig exec produces the poignant TVersion of Catherine Marshall’s novel, now in its 84th printing. Kellie Martin and Tyne Daly co-star … Shirley Jones, 60 today, is birthday-partied Sunday by husband Marty Ingels and family aboard a chartered yacht … Lili Zanuck was 40 th-birthday-partied by femme friends Wednesday at Spago … Bob Stack was flu-felled so wife Rosemarie subbed to introduce their daughter Elizabeth, who bowed at Mark Fleischman’s Tatou’s “Tuesday Night Live.” The beautiful Stack sprig was also costumed (briefly!) by momma and she was applauded by a jam-packed room. Also cheered was diminutive 12-year-old Jessica James with a giant voice — A&M has quick-signed her to a pact. Carol Connors discovered her. Also mitted on the weekly vodvil night, Rebecca Messer, Rolo, Jim Rothiss, Ron Williams and Todd Schroeder’s musical group. Kay Douglass femceed. Bob Enders was also happy-birthday’d.