Rosanne reports for new season sans surname

GOOD MORNING: Everything’s rosy for Roseanne. Back on stage for the new season, she’s totally happy, laughs off reports of Fox and NBC plans to biopic her (and Tom Arnold). “I’m not worried, I don’t think it would be very interesting,” she said, adding her belief it wouldn’t rate any more than the few numbers garnered by the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan telepic. Roseanne (that’s her complete, now legal name) says she is far more interested in her own multi-screened plans, starting with the story about herself and daughter Brandy (23) whom she had given up for adoption. Roseanne will write, produce and direct , as well as act. Brandy is back with her and working on the series as an assistant director. “All my kids (4) are working for me,” Roseanne said exuberantly, “and we’re all living together at home.” She doesn’t anticipate any problems on the divorce. And insofar as her son in the series is concerned, “He will not be gay,” she said, despite others’ rumors. But, she insists the show will have “things people expect us not to do — I will be a little bit braver this year.” Today she hops over to Garry Shandling to guest on his “The Larry Sanders Show”… Roseanne says she has four bigscreen ideas to present to Miramax as well … Meanwhile “Roseanne’s” TV husband, John Goodman, reunions with his new TV opposition,”Frasier’s” Kelsey Grammer, on legit plans for “J. Edgar.” They teamed on the Harry Shearer/Tom Leopold NPR radio show version and now, with Peter Matz tuning 16 songs, it’s been optioned for the stage by Doug Cramer. The latter tells me he’s talking to Goodman and Grammer regularly to try and work out a time sked next hiatus for the show’s opening Off B’way or London or — ? On the radio taping, it was Grammer who was J. Edgar Hoover, and Goodman as Hoover’s lifelong love, Clyde Tolson. Shearer would play Walter Winchell in the show.

AS NOTED HERE, IT’S BUDAPEST for Michael Jackson to film a music short for his “His Story” album. And Saturday, Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson, on behalf of Heal the World, will distribute toys to Budapest’s children’s hospital … Not in the script: “Earth 2,” Amblin/Universal TV’s giant adventure series set 200 years in the future, was filming a crashed pod in “a wilderness planet” site out of Santa Fe when a van stopped by. The two occupants stepped out, asked the TV troupe’s Michael Duggan (who exec produces with Carol Flint and Mark Levin) if they could take a picture of the outer space-like setting, Sure. The duo stepped back into the van, came out wearing outer space suits. They were: astronauts Wendy Lawrence and John Grunsfeld, who will be on the January space shuttle! … The first, two-hour “Earth 2” show cost $ 8.1 million but ensuing one-hour shows are set for one million-$ . The show films interiors at Santa Fe College’s Greer Garson studio, which has the latest filming equipment. I reported the troupe’s pleasure with the studio to Greer, who was pleased to get the news. She is “feeling better” though still confined in Dallas … The hefty “Earth 2” cast now boasts Tim Curry as the heavy — in addition to the galaxies of creatures and robots. NBC bought 22 shows to start … Meanwhile Amblin/U’s undersea “seaQuest” is filming “a fresh start” in Orlando where they can get more water and sunshine … Doug McClure is confident “I’m going to beat it,” as he departs the hospital today after chemo and radiation treatment for a spot on his lungs. McClure, seen most recently in “Maverick,” has a colorful career on big and small screen including his long stand on “The Virginian.” He’s a terrif tennis player, does not smoke or drink. I visited with McClure on the “Maverick” set and must admit he looks 20 years younger than his 59 years. He’ll attend next week’s Golden Boot awards. And he looks forward to doing another “Kung Fu” pic which Michael Sloan will write for him … Marvin Davis undergoes knee surgery Saturday … Shirley Rhodes, formerly Sammy Davis Jr.’s manager, underwent successful heart transplant surgery at Cedars-Sinai.

SEAN CONNERY, AS DIEGO DE LA VEGA, the elder “Zorro,” is the hoped-for casting on Amblin/TriStar’s “Zorro.” Director Mikail Salomon assures me that the rest of the major cast, led by “Zorro,” will be Latino. Testing starts today for spring ’95 start, Branko Lustig produces … Connery just wound “Just Cause” and is starting “First Knight” so he’ll need a break between his next pix … Latest rumored to co-star with Geena Davis in “Cutthroat Island” is Russell Crowe, who plays the romantic lead with Sharon Stone in “The Quick and the Dead”… Dean Jones, Jim Brolin, Jennifer O’Neill and Francesco Quinn are off to Tunis for “Out of Jerusalem.” It’s set in the first century. Jones hopes, by the time he returns, his San Fernando Valley earthquake-destroyed home will be rebuilt!