Miramax celebrates its Globe nods

MERRY CHRISTMAS: “I’m thankful for ‘Pulp Fiction’ — but most of all for Robert Altman,” said Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein about the Golden Globe nods — even though Altman did not receive a nomination as best director. However, his “Ready to Wear (Pret-a-Porter)” got a nom in the Globes’ motion picture (musical or comedy) category (as opposed to best picture, drama). “Pulp’s” director Quentin Tarantino got the nod along with his picture (as drama). And, since “Ready to Wear” opens Christmas Day, Weinstein hopes the hype from two Globe nominations will help biz. Today ads for the movie will boast the controversial pose by model Helena Christensen. “Jack (Valenti) was nice enough to listen to Dershowitz (Alan),” said Weinstein … How will Miramax handle Oscar campaign equality for its two movies? “All your children are beautiful,” laughed Weinstein. “We’ll campaign for both.” Weinstein, who escorted Madonna to the “Ready to Wear” preem, said he wants her to star in the movie-musicalized “Chicago” for which he’s teaming up with Marty Richards, the latter having long-planned the pic. The story’s a buddy pic, reminds Harvey, and he’d like to see Michelle Pfeiffer, Liza Minnelli or Goldie Hawn teamed with Madonna … Miramax puts the big push in ’95 at Cannes for the Sean Penn-directed “Crossing Guard” starring Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston. “The last 30 minutes are the best resolution of a thriller I’ve ever seen,” claims Weinstein. With Nicholson in “Crossing Guard” and Bruce Willis in “Four Rooms” making minimal salaries — I asked Weinstein his philosophy about super stars’ super-high salaries? “I live in a different stratosphere with them — when we win, they win.”

LIZA’S HOME FROM HIP SURGERY and was already in therapy Thursday afternoon when I talked to her. She received a metal replacement in her right hip. “Now I’ll ring bells when I go through the airport,” she laughed. “It (the operation) went great, and it’s wonderful to be out of pain for the first time in five years. I’ll be on crutches for only six weeks and then I can do anything again.” Yes, dance! While recuping, she’ll prep her first Angel album and says she’s writing … George Burns will not be performing at Caesars on his 99th birthday, Jan. 20. However, it is anticipated he will be on stage for his 100th in 1996! Burns is recuping from a bout with the flu and is anxious to return to his office today, although he needs assistance walking … Horst Buchholtz suffered head injuries in a fall in Germany. His 10-hour German mini, “The Saga of Annie, ” is on hiatus until he recovers, when they’ll film in the South of France … Roger Moore had to hie to his father’s home in England to escape the paparazzi staked out at his homes in France and London. Roger’s lady friend Khristina Tholstrup is in Monte Carlo. Roger’s divorce is reportedly imminent … France’s favorite Hollywood actress, Jacqueline Bisset, heads back to Europe after holidays here to star in Claude Chabrol’s “La Ceremonie” with Isabel Huppert and Sandrine Bonnaire. Jackie was just in London p.a.’ing “September,” which she filmed in Ireland with Michael York … Instead of shooting the usual Christmas/snow scenes here in sweltering summer, Martha Coolidge, during this pre-Christmas week, filmed Fourth of July scenes complete with fireworks for Rysher-Savoy’s “Three Wishes” near Magic Mountain. Michael O’Keefe joined the cast of Patrick Swayze, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and youngsters Joseph Mazzello and Seth Mumy. They built a 1955 housing development in Agua Dulce. Coolidge says, “It’s the first movie I’ve worked on where you can measure the set in acres! We scouted the entire U.S. to shoot a summer picture in the winter — from Florida to Hawaii — and came up with this.” She calls the movie “a family picture with mass adult appeal.”

A SIX-DAY GROWTH OF BEARD camouflages a tattered, shipwrecked Jerry Seinfeld in the American Express commercial he’s been shooting this week in Hawaii. He has a pact to shoot 10 days of Amex commercials — this one took three. He films the 100th seg of his series on his Hawaii return, winds the TV season the end of March, plays a few concert dates, starts the new season’s TV script preparation in June. This is the last year on his current NBC pact. You know they want him back … Reminder: The memorial celebration for E.W. (Swack) Swackhamer will be held 1 p.m. Thursday at the Doolittle … At the Hollywood Athletic Club’s New Year’s Eve bash (and 71st anni of the club’s opening in 1923!), owners of the China Club, Roxbury and Tatou join forces for an extravaganza — with Herbie Hancock, Gary Busey and three bands … Veronica and Ernie Chambers held their annual caroling extravaganza with voices including music maven Joe Smith … And I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR — I return Jan. 4.