H’w’d pumped for sequel to ‘Gump’

GOOD MORNING: “Forrest Gump’s” author Winston Groom is about 150 pages into the sequel, he told producer Steve Tisch Monday from a cottage in Alabama, where he’s holed up, writing. Groom feels certain he’ll deliver the completed manuscript on sked to Simon & Schuster for a summer release of the book. Yes, Tisch and Wendy Finerman have the pic option to film the sequel. Groom is enjoying the reception the pic’s receiving at the early awards announcements, sez Tisch, and they are looking forward to Thursday’s Golden Globes nominations, whose multiple categories leave no doubt about nods for “Gump.” I met up with Tisch and his beautiful friend Jamie Alexander, Howard Bragman and Keith Lewis at Drai’s. Also at Victor D’s eatery, Al Ruddy and partner Andre Morgan were talking the future of their movie “Inflammable” (Savoy), which was to have starred Jamie Lee Curtis starting in March; however, she has a May start in “A Fish Called Wanda II” plus a two-week rehearsal, thus putting “Inflammable” in flames unless — a hot femme replacement can be found. Meanwhile, the producing duo’s “Walker, Texas Ranger” continues to range for a full CBS order this and next season as well … Also stagging at Drai’s, David Wolper and longtime pal David Gerber. While the two are TV titans, Wolper admitted, “I’m going back to features — they used to be boring.” No more, he admits. He wished he had gotten a week’s qualifying Oscar run this year for his upcoming release of “Murder in the First” from WB. Next feature is “Picasso,” starring Anthony Hopkins, then “L.A. Confidential.” And yes, Wolper will be doing four to five minis including the “Thorn Birds” sequel … There’s no Errol Flynn around so “Captain Blood” may need a tourniquet while it awaits a star. Arnold nixed it and while Mel Gibson has the script — he’s up to his ankles in blood editing his own epic, “Brave Heart.”

MARVIN DAVIS IS RECUPING at UCLA after surgery to remove a non-malignant tumor from his spine. The tumor was causing his leg problems, medics said. He is making rapid progress, already in physical therapy and will be, it’s hoped, home for Christmas … Patricia Duff and Ronald Perelman welcomed daughter Caleigh Sophia Dec. 13 in N.Y. All are doing well …”Entertainment Tonight’s” Bob Goen and wife Sabrina welcomed son Maxwell R.K. Goen Dec. 9 … Veteran film exec Sam Abarbanel is at Cedars-Sinai following a freak accident in a parking lot where he was pinned against a car. He suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries … Sharon Stone wound “The Quick and the Dead’s” new spectacular gun fighting finale with Gene Hackman — for a Feb. 10 TriStar release. She proceeded to Vegas for “Casino” but winged in Monday night to dine with Bruce Beresford to talk their upcoming “The Last Dance” to wind it in time for the start of “Diabolique”… Jeroen Krabbe, in town, was asked to do added p.a.’s for “Immortal Beloved”– since co-star Gary Oldman’s in alcohol rehab. The gracious Krabbe notes Oldman “is a wonderful colleague and we were never aware he was having any problem.” The versatile Krabbe had segued from the Beethoven epic to Handel in “Farinelli” and while in L.A., he met with his agent Marion Rosenberg re co-starring with Denzel Washington in “Virtuosity.” “I’m a big fan of his,” Krabbe told me. I’m sure the feeling’s mutual … Director Arthur Hiller is back with the Gersh Agency after a brief hiatus … Look for Dennis Franz and Sharon Lawrence to marry on “NYPD Blue” during the upcoming sweeps in February.

VICTOR MATURE, 82 on Jan. 29, will be given a “Victor Mature Day” toasting by his home town, Rancho Santa Fe. But, in his usual, modest manner, Mature tells me, “I’ve already had one — 10 times!” Mature, a member of 20th Century Fox’s great stable of stars, says he had “a little cancer (prostate) a year ago and a little heart problem,” but he plans to be back on the greens playing in the Frank Sinatra tourney in February and “I’m available to work”… Dean Hyskell celebrates his 95th birthday, Dec. 28 … Emma Samms is inducted into the Honour Court by Les Dames de Champagne Jan. 6 at the Bel Air Hotel. Roslyn Kind serenades her “for her contribution to the welfare and health of children”… Paul Williams swore he wouldn’t be an elf again this year, so he played an alien in “Babylon 5,” then a role in “The Headless Body in a Topless Bar”… And Jasmine Guy, who is a Jamaican stripper in “Klash” to bow at Sundance, bows Jan. 3 as the “bitch on the block” on “Melrose Place.” She insists she’s made that role “multidimensional because every bitch has a story and every bully has a reason.” Adding to her multidimensions — Guy inked an exclusive deal with TriStar TV to develop her own TV projects for net, cable and syndication.