Dern, Ladd reunite on film

GOOD MORNING: This could make a good movie: “A year ago, if you said I was going to make a movie directed by my ex-wife, I would have said ‘Not a chance in hell.’ ” And Bruce Dern’s agent of 25 years, Fred Specktor, was equally shocked when Dern’s ex-wife Diane Ladd, director of “Mrs. Monck,” insisted that Dern co-star, playing her former boyfriend. “She got me more money than I’ve gotten in 20 years and also said, ‘I want my ex-husband to be treated the best on this movie — because I’m going to kick him for eight weeks!’ ” They completed the movie and Dern now says, “It was an amazing experience. I saw in one day what I fell in love with — what I married and — what I got away from! We didn’t pull any punches. It’s very devilish — and very funny! Diane was wonderful as a director. She did everything on the set — even served lunch.” At shooting day’s end he’d return to the Toronto hotel and Andrea, his wife — of 25 years. “So I had the best of all worlds, my wife, my ex-wife and — my daughter (Laura Dern) who was on the set shooting a documentary on the making of a movie by her mother and father!” Also co-starring in “Mrs. Monck” is Shelley Winters — Laura Dern’s godmother. And Kelly Preston plays Ladd — 20 years younger … Diane Ladd, Bruce Dern and their daughter Laura, all Oscar nominees, are honorees along with the Carradines, David, Bruce, Chris, Keith, Robert and Michael Bowen at Saturday’s Hollywood Entertainment Museum Legacy Awards at the Palladium. The two families are indeed legacies. Diane plans to continue her directing (and, of course, acting) career, hopefully with the Martha Mitchell story, which Oliver Stone’s to exec produce.

ROSEANNE WILL WED Ben Thomas on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, she confided to me as we sat side by side, munching popcorn at Mann’s Village before the start of WB’s “Interview With the Vampire”… The preem audience for the vampire extravaganza issued gasps and guffaws, then greeted the finale with a giant cheer for Tom Cruise, Christian Slater and Brad Pitt. The audience then traipsed obediently down red-carpeted Westwood streets to the party, a parking lot was converted into New Orleans street, mansion, graveyard. The waiters, waitresses and orchestra were powder-wigged and costumed for the pic’s period and Along Came Mary’s menu was also appropriate: jambalaya, seafood gumbo, fried chicken, cherries jubilee, etc. Mary Micucci noted, “A meal you can sink your teeth into.” (sorry). Co-stars Cruise (with wife Nicole Kidman), Pitt, Slater and Antonio Banderas, Stephen Rea, Kirsten Dunst and Domiziana Giordano reunited with producers David Geffen, Stephen Woolley and special effects genius Stan Winston and composer Elliot Goldenthal. Also there, Debra Winger, Jodie Foster with Randy Stone, Tori Spelling, Ellen DeGeneres and Arye Gross, Kim Basinger, Dana Delany, Rita Wilson sans Tom Hanks, who was shooting “Apollo 13,” Faye Dunaway, WB’s Bob Daly, Rob Friedman, Candy Bergen and Louis Malle, Jim Carrey, Tim Curry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Luke Perry, Steven Seagal, Will Smith, etc. Also producers Lauren and Dick Donner, Joel Silver, Gil Cates and Marvin Worth whose “Diabolique” budget had been nixed by WB; he’s now talking with New Regency and Morgan Creek. Geffen next hosts a lunch for Yitzhak Rabin with entertainment industry toppers Wednesday at Morton’s.

AN ALZHEIMER PATIENT — that’s Milton Berle’s role in the currently filming “Sentences to Life” seg of “BevHills, 90210” in which Ian Ziering’s helping Berle as part of a community service assignment. Miltie, 86, plays — a showbiz veteran. He helped exec producers Steve Wasserman and Jessica Klein on the script … Anthony Hopkins receives BAFTA-L.A.’s “Brittania Award” Feb. 8 at a gala to be held in the BevWilshire. The Oscar winner’s currently in Wales directing/starring in the legit “August” while busy editing his filmed version. His next, new look will be as Picasso for WB to film in August. Hopkins will first be seen in TriStar’s “Legends of the Fall” with Brad Pitt … Angela Lansbury’s honored with the National Catholic Assn. of Communicators’ Gabriel Awards tonight at the Sheraton U … A Jan. 21 pre-opening performance of “Miss Saigon” at the renovated ($ 17.1 million) Ahmanson benefits the Center Theater Group. At the pre-party at Chasen’s Wednesday evening, Gordon Davidson told of the theater’s changes. Charlton Heston, no stranger to the Ahmanson boards, said an English actor compared playing Shakespeare at the (old) Ahmanson to performing the Bard on the White Cliffs of Dover — with the audience in France. Heston was consulted on revisions … Shirley Knight’s directing debut “Far From Home,” a musical, screens at the Laemmle Encino this weekend for Oscar consideration.