Culkin kids ink with WMA

GOOD MORNING: Macaulay Culkin signed with William Morris. As did his younger brother Kieran … Eric Lloyd, Tim Allen’s young son in “The Santa Clause,” was set by agent Iris Burton to join up with an orangutan next in “Dunston Checks In” for Todd Black Prods. at 20th. Ken Kwapis (“He Said, She Said”) directs … Loni Anderson will pull no punches — she’s signed with William Morrow to pen her story. She must deliver (with Larkin Warren ghosting) by April 15 … Nancy Sinatra Jr.’s comeback includes a layout in Playboy next Spring. Those who’ve seen the pix say “it’s sexy”– not total nudity but “topless and tasteful.” She’ll also have a calendar for ’96. Nancy (54) launches her first new album in over 20 years, “One More Time” (Cougar Records), next month. And her classic 1960s albums come out on CD with “bonus” songs duetting with Frank — tunes including “Something Stupid.” She’ll appear live at the House of Blues in Feb. … Nancy also accompanied her father Frank to Toronto, when he filmed his scene for the finale of exec producer Tina Sinatra’s CBS MOW “Hoboken.” It wound last week on sked and budget. CBS wants to change the title to one of the Frank Sinatra songs heard in the TV’er, but Tina says it would change the thrust of the pic. Allan Arkush directed the vidpic, starring Olympia Dukakis, Joe Penny, Louis Zorich and Philip Bosco. Tina next segues to the bigscreen with Joel Silver, producing a 1990-set “Manchurian Candidate,” with money, power, greed and prejudice the themes … WB bought film rights to “Dream Lovers” (Warner Books), Dodd Darin’s story of the shattered lives of his parents, Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. Baltimore Pictures has been planning the Bobby Darin biopic for seven years and with the purchase of this book, they now prevent others from going ahead with a possible tversion. Arthur Friedman exec produces. Dodd D. starts a daily radio show on Santa Barbara’s KTMS Dec. 19. And Dee is readying an infomercial for a perfume she’s prepping.

MICHAEL KEATON WAS FAR FROM speechless Wednesday at the National Press Club lunch moderated by Gil Klein. Keaton is coincidentally on tour for “Speechless,” in which he and Geena Davis play roles thought to be modeled after the relationship of Washington’s spin doctors, Mary Matalin and James Carville … Keaton talked about everything including why he “walked away” from “Batman Forever”: “Apparently not for me.” He said he has “personal” things to do, like time with his young son, as well as wanting to pursue “more interesting roles.” And he said he’s involved in a multimedia company based out of Pittsburgh, which is concentrating on children’s educational CD-ROMs. He’s also involved in ecological projects like the American Rivers, “trying to save our wild and scenic rivers and our urban rivers.” He admitted, after his discourse on rivers, “I kind of got on a soapbox there.” But he received hefty applause. He was also serious, telling the scribes about the excesses such as “shining a light on people and things that I think gets just a little too much glare these days. We give them too much attention, notoriety, we empower them, we give movie deals and book deals.” When queried about violence in movies, he admitted, “Money is the bottom line.” He added, “I think there is too much violence,” but added, “When it works, or there’s a need for it, you have the responsibility of how does that impact society — is art imitating life or does life imitate art?” When asked what role he wishes he had gotten — and didn’t — Keaton answered: “Scarlett!” He got a big laugh. The Club asked him to urge friend David Letterman to accept its longstanding invitation to be a speaker. Next week’s guest speakers: Secretary of the Treasury Lloyd Bentsen and the Duchess of York.

CICELY TYSON, IN D.C. for the Kennedy Center Honors Sunday, will be honored herself: On Saturday, she’ll be saluted by the National Council of Negro Women, Natl. Assn. of Black Women Attorneys and Greater Washington Area Chapter, Women Lawyers Division of the Natl. Bar Assn. at Howard U. Law School. Tyson, star of NBC’s “Sweet Justice,” will also attend the seminar on “When is Justice Sweet?”… Johnnie Cochran receives the Walter Bremond Pioneer of African American Achievement Award at the BevHilton Friday. Invitees include Robert Shapiro and Judge Lance Ito … Andy Williams celebrates his 1,000th performance at his Moon River Theater in Branson., Mo., Dec. 10, and his birthday (64) Saturday … Susan Smith is celebrating the 25th anni of her agency … Doug McClure, on the mend, got a copy of Andy Fenady’s “Runaways” Christmas novel with this note from Fenady: “Take your pick of any role”… Publicist Dick Delson’s completed his first novel, “Diamond in the Rough,” repped by Joel Gottler of the Renaissance/H.N. Swanson Agency.